Order polymer clay through the Internet

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All my life I was very interested in the works: a child in high school, even after graduation, but in my soul empty space for additional hobby.Looking for the next session, I came across information about plastic.From this mass of making a huge number of different kinds of gifts, so I wanted to do something special, unusual, such as their own homes.I had no idea where to buy plastic, for this reason, I began to search the network.As a result, short effort, I found the online-shop of polymer clay, an abundant selection of desired products of different colors.Attention drawn Shop Fimo, but I would like to describe in detail the clay itself.Polymer clay is called plastic mass made on the basis of PVC.During thermal exposure active material becomes hard to some extent similar to plastic.It should be emphasized that the plastic does not require high temperatures, as an ordinary clay mass.Suffice calcined product at t = 110-130 °.That is, for these purposes, a conventional oven in handy.There is a plastic

foreign and local manufacturers.Domestic products tougher, more difficult to crumple, in addition relatively fragile.However, the rates and they are much lower than overseas.Beginners can test themselves on the domestic clay, but I wanted to learn just a good material.Besides the clay in the work, you'll need some tools.First of all, one must choose the workplace.Possible to use a sheet of glass, tile.The main thing that has withstood the pressure of the blade surface.In addition you need to get the knife.And finally, you need a roller, preferably with a strong smooth surface.To decorate incandescent product, one must take a waterproof sandpaper with a different amount of abrasive particles.Thanks to them, simply remove the roughness, the following tools and other product defects.To complete the product should be covered with glaze, good, it is always available in specialty stores.
I want to reiterate that the plastic is mainly used for creating various kinds of decorative elements, trinkets, etc.For the production of decorative elements you will also need to buy additional accessories: locks, chains, pads, pins, fasteners.Fortunately, all this no problem selling the network.These products are made of clay, you can leave yourself to teach his friends, relatives in honor of the holiday, pleasantly surprising them.And, of course, possible to establish their own business.It is worth emphasizing that the products are handmade in our time are many, so that everyone has a chance to cash in on his passion for good money.Things plastic strong enough that you use them every day without fearing for their appearance.Varnish, applied to the surface of the product or figurines made of plastic, for a long time retain the original freshness of things.I recommend the book
polymer clay through the Internet, because there is always more extensive range, with the price affordable.