How to treat barley?

Such problem as stye, is common.It is an accumulation of purulent eyelids: on the inside or outside.The cause of pus - is often a staph infection.Such festering on the eyelid very painful.Before you look for the answer to the question of how to treat barley, look at what are the reasons for its occurrence.

barley Outwardly resembles a lump that can jump or on the outside or on the inside of the eyelids.In this disease can appear tearing and redness.Most often it appears in one eye, at least - in two.Also, it does not exclude the possibility of jumping down several festering in one eye.Sty no way impairs vision.

causes of internal and external festering different ways and how to treat barley of a particular species is also different.

External barley appears in the following cases:

  • While infecting ciliary follicles.
  • case of contact with the sebaceous glands infection.
  • If infection occurs mollevskih (apocrine) glands, which are located near the eyelashes.

emergence of domestic barley is usually due to the fact that inflamed meibomian glands (sebaceous glands, whose flows come to the edge of the eyelid).

Information on how to treat barley, pretty much.Treat the disease can be medication, using a variety of medications, ointments.

What ointment to treat barley?You can lubricate hydrocortisone, tetracycline ointment and ointment "Floksal."In the treatment, you can use a drop of "levometsitin", "Tsiprolet" "Dexamethasone", and others. But before you start treatment with medicines, you need to know exactly what the cause of the disease.

Now you can find a lot of information on how to treat barley folk remedies.Better during treatment to adhere to a certain diet.If this disease is recommended to eat foods rich in vitamins A and C.

Treat barley can be at home, such as herbs.Here are the options: to drink or bury infusions eyes.

barley Treat at home with herbs:

  • can eat per day to 8 flowers of tansy, drinking plain water.Take this week.
  • If the barley is very inflamed, it is possible to make a decoction of calendula and apply the eye lotion.Brew is necessary so: 10 g per 200 g of the flower.water.Then insist within an hour.
  • wonderful remedy for various inflammations, including from barley - aloe.Fresh cut aloe leaf (approximately 5 g) chop and pour cooled boiled water.Then put in a cool place for 7-8 hours.Then strain the infusion through a gauze, then you can make lotions.
  • worn out a few pieces of bay leaf in boiling water (50 g).Once cooled down, drink the infusion (2 times a day).
  • Flowers lilac wash and chop, then laid out on a sheet of lilac, attached to the eye.
  • drops of eyebright can reduce pain from inflammation.
  • mixed herbs eyebright and chamomile blossoms.Steamed in boiling water: 200 g of water about five tablespoons of this mixture.After 10 minutes, the resulting slurry put on gauze and attach the drive to the eye.