The history of entrepreneurship in Russia

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history of entrepreneurship in Russia.predprinimaielstvo laid its roots from ancient Rus.The basis of it was the trade that developed in the city, were making exports and imports.As we know, through Russia at that time was a famous trade route "from the Vikings to the Greeks."

On Russia entrepreneurs and merchants were not distinguished as a separate class.Entrepreneurship is engaged in almost all sectors of society.Russia was engaged in a business activity for centuries.The extensive development of credit relations is a confirmation of the successful development of business in Russia.During the reign of Ivan the Terrible Stroganov merchants activism has become a symbol of entrepreneurship.The founder of this kind imposed trade not only within the country but also with other countries.In 15veke Moscow famous for broad trade relations among the peasants.They shop in handicrafts.The merchants had trade relations with Lithuania, Crimea, Persia, Kafa, Khiva,null, Bukhara, Azov, ... It all contributed to a hundred Russian 16-17vv already has a well developed trade chain.That is, the history of entrepreneurship in Russia actively developed.

During these years, there is an all-Russian trade, t. E. Trade developed between the individual regions of the country.Already in the 17th century.commercial and merchant class singled out as a special group of townspeople and city people.The largest employers received from the king the title of '' guest ''.It is considered the most prestigious and honorable.To get this title, the merchant had to have at least 20 thousand revolutions.Along with the title, they are exempt from paying Submit held senior financial positions, and given the right to buy ancestral lands.From Moscow at the time took the start of trade and entrepreneurial 6 main ways: White Sea, Smolensk, Volga, Ukrainian, Siberian and Novgorod.In the era of Peter the Great created the best quality and conditions for the expansion and development of Russian entrepreneurship.Scientists and historians argue that his reforms of Peter the first time opened the way instrumental entrepreneurship.Also note that most of the merchants and businessmen of the time were former peasants.Among them are entrepreneurs like Prokhorov Morozov, Grachev and others ...

Even in the era of Catherine II abolished the need to obtain "permissive decrees" for the opening of the company and its product.Catherine II also abolishes the monopoly and introducing complete freedom of trade.Finally in 1785 the Russian business receives from her long-awaited letters patent.Therefore strongly dominates their official position.For the literacy of all merchants were divided into 3 guild.The first group, i.e.Guild treated merchants, which had capital of about 10-thousand.The second group - the merchants of the capital of 5-10 thousand rubles.Third Guild - from 1 to 5 thousand rubles of capital.The great reforms of Alexander II 60-70-ies 19veka shared history of Russian business into two parts the pre-reform and post-reform periods.Post-reform period, which lasted until 1913, called the golden age of entrepreneurship.In general, Russian achieve business before the end of 19veka were just amazing.But everything changed after 1917goda.A new stage in the history of entrepreneurship in Russia began in 1992.This was the beginning of the state of entrepreneurship in Russia.Government announced transition.Now the state is actively engaged in business, that is,it controls the enterprise.It largely depends on the development Rossii.Takova brief history of entrepreneurship in Russia.

So already knowing what the history of entrepreneurship in Russia and the current state of entrepreneurship in Russia, we have to improve the system and to try to elevate it to a new level.The history of development of Russian business actually requires more in-depth study, which did not allow us the scope of this article.