Cheerful sex: how to make money on trading of condoms

Yesenia Shamonin found a way to unleash the store assortment of which you can not advertise.

«This is my contribution to the fight against bigotry" - begins the story of his business graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy RUDN Yesenia Shamonin, the owner of an intimate boutique on Butcher under the catchy title "Prezervativnaya."Brightly illuminated sign looker, but decided to go not everyone.The "menu" store opened in early 2012, 500 types of condoms from the ordinary from different countries to a souvenir, packaged like candy, gum or keychains.Revenue boutique - about 1 million per month, the average bill is 600 rubles.

idea emerged after a trip to Amsterdam in spring 2011.At the time, the future entrepreneurs was 22 years old and she has worked as art director of the ice rink.Strolling past the same sex shops on the street red light, she saw a lively crowd of people at the shop where the clothespins hanging on fluid-filled condoms.Wrapped items like candy of various shapes in demand - in cash line

d up a huge queue.Shamonin, ponders how to engage in business, I wanted to open something similar in Moscow.

she decided to become an entrepreneur, following the example of his father.Anatoly Shamonin - founder of the group of companies "MDS", since 1992 engaged in the supply of bricks and other building materials."Ideas were many, but expensive" - ​​says Shamonin.The project is a little shop was quite a lift: a few hundred thousand rubles for the first purchase she borrowed from his father, found a supplier via the Internet, and then went to the stalls of summer festivals "Empty Hills", "The Invasion" and others.The name "Prezervativnaya" she chose the principle of "no hidden meanings" and counting on word of mouth."We all took pictures of the tent and spread in social networks," - says the businesswoman.Each festival "Prezervativnaya" earned 400 000 profit.

In August 2011 Shamonin opened an online store with a point of shipment in the premises of the plant Stankolit (earned at the festivals was not enough, we had to bring another family tranche).However, the festival excitement subsided, and advertise the intimate goods in the subway and on billboards Shamonin not allowed.On the Internet start-up entrepreneurs also not lucky, "Yandex" did not miss the section of souvenirs, the network "VKontakte" not approved the banner and dating site "Mamba" has not given expected return.Helped store coupon promotion booming - in 2011, coupon sites are popular.Shamonin posted discount coupons online store on the service BigBazzy, then around the "Prezervativnoy" noise started again.

room under real store businesswoman looking for almost a year - small area facilities for rent in the capital, no one offered.In summer, the site cyanogen she saw an ad one of the points fast food chains Subway, offering a sublease of 25 square meters.m Butcher."I grabbed his teeth into this room, called them fifteen times," - says Shamonin.In September 2012 all agreed: the first lease payments were only 100 000 rubles per month.While there was coordination of appropriate signage, Shamonin decided to lure passers-by a car parked in stalls colorfully painted "quartet" with the attached plate instead of the trunk.The project she eventually invested about 1 million rubles, hopes to recoup through the year.

Who are interested in her project?According Shamonin, go to the store, men and women who love to walk in the center or close to work."Especially, almost no one goes" - she admits.Agency Online Market Intelligence (OMI) specifically for Forbes surveyed Muscovites (about 600 people from 18 to 65 years), of whom heard about the store 19%.78% of respondents have a desire to go to see, and a third of them at once is ready to buy something.At the same time more than half of respondents, according to the OMI, interested in the original range.

According to store sales, on the original condoms - color, glowing in the dark, with the taste of cola and other effects - account for only 20% of revenue.

Half provide regular condoms from Japan, Germany, the US - about 30 brands.We need to do, however, an amendment to the price: souvenir sold at 50 rubles apiece, but, for example, Japanese Sagami - 350 rubles per pack of two pieces.Sharapkino Andrew, CEO of the network of 18 sex-shops "He and She", pointed out that at least three of the brand's range Shamonin other stores have not seen it.

Sharapkino sure that the "original creative project" gradually turns into a sex shop, "Condoms will not earn much, and in the range of sex shops margins higher."While "Prezervativnaya" adheres to the concept, only expand the range of erotic sculptures of soap and chocolate that Shamonin orders in a small home workshop.

«This business model is closer to the gift shop," - says a representative of the largest supplier of condoms in Russia Durex.According to him, the store more spectators than buyers.And in Sagami, seeing Shamonin project, thinking about starting their own store.The impetus for this was the unfavorable supply conditions imposed by retail chains and pharmacies, said the representative of the supplier.Businesswoman

two years trying to convey to people that "sex - is what we must not be ashamed of."

According to her, the Moscow society is changing with difficulty, and St. Petersburg and did not take shop.Opened in December 2012 on the Griboyedov Canal boutique had to close due to lack of customers.Shamonin understands that the business will not in every city.Check in reality it wanted to entrepreneurs from Tolyatti, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don.They offered to open a franchise in his "Prezervativnuyu," but no one took the risk."Profit is not great, but the risks - residents' complaints - would require a permanent presence," - said a businessman from Yekaterinburg, and not become a franchisee.

Shamonin confident in the future.The pace of growth of the market sales of condoms encouraging: in 2012, according to analysts' estimates Discovery Research Group, the market grew by 47% to $ 275 million. In 2013 the results have not yet announced.Dream Shamonin - to build a network of shops, enter the mall.In practice, the agreement of the store in the shopping center is very difficult, because the owners do not want to deal with indignant "mothers with children and the elderly."So while Shamonin looking for any place in the city center, where there are tourist traffic.

hope is that she be allowed to advertise their shops.Social Fund for Development and Health "Focus Media" in autumn 2013 sent to the ministries of health and education petition to return the information to people that condoms protect.

Svetlana Vitkovskaia

Photo source: Max Novikov

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