How to choose sunglasses?

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Sunglasses - indispensable accessory in a hot, hot summer, when the sun beats down on all its might.To the surprise of many, the researchers came to the conclusion today that wear glasses to protect from the sun, it is useful even in winter, as the direct rays of the negative impact on the retina, which may contribute to the development of a number of nasty diseases.At the same time, along with the use of sunglasses - a fashion accessory, which is a good complement to the stylish image.The consumer market is now crowded with a variety of models, so before you go shopping, you need to know how to choose sunglasses.

Where should go in search of points?

Choosing a place to buy plays a big role.Indeed, in our time, sunglasses can be bought in any lane.In all public places, especially in the summer, you can find a table, which shows the different models of glasses.But whether to trust each seller who comes in your way?If you are not afraid to get a fake, you can not bother to search for a particular point of sale.However, branded or other specialized stores you can pick up a quality thing to taste, and those who are bad spots can be purchased in a salon sunglasses with diopters.

How to choose sunglasses?

Before choosing sunglasses, that is, the seller has to say about his decision, carefully examine himself in the mirror.The choice of a model is influenced by many factors, one of which - the shape of the face.There are oval, round, triangular or square types of persons.Those glasses are suitable for one type of person who can not go to another.Next is select the type of frame that you want for yourself, narrow, wide, etc.

on how to choose sunglasses, also affect the lens.There are various materials of which they are made.Each type of lens has its advantages and disadvantages.For example, those made of plastic, do not get severely damaged in the event of a fall or from striking and, consequently, these lenses protect the eyes from potential debris.Glass lenses also take care of the eyes - they do not distort the objects, so eyes are not overworked and will be less hurt by the end of the day.When driving a car will be the most practical lens, made of gray or dark glass.There is also a fog lens especially for drivers to avoid obstacles on the road in any weather.But the bright light emitted by the sun, the best way extinguish the lens with a yellow tinge.

How to choose sunglasses, guided by the type of frame?

Manufacturers are ready to give you the frames made of metal or plastic.You can also consider the option of rimless glasses.Frames of metal are dangerous because they can cause an allergic reaction in a rash or itching.Plastic frames are safer for health.

So, how to choose sunglasses - a purely personal matter.Remember that with the choice should never hurry.Try it, look in the mirror and think.Make sure that the model is sitting flat, tight, does not fly from the bow.And, of course, the most important thing - to points you like.