How to wear lenses.

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More and more people who have doctors diagnosed nearsightedness or farsightedness, choose contact lenses for vision correction.This tool is much more convenient and more practical points, but to learn how to use it, it takes time.People who first encounter with the adjustment of using a lens, of course, the question arises of how to put on the lens.It can be learned in a few minutes using the detailed article with illustrations.So ...

How quickly wear lenses?

Even those people who have resorted to the use of lenses for the first time in his life, quickly mastered the technique of putting on.

1. If you are going to insert a lens, do not worry and do not be afraid, set yourself up for success.Wash hands, dry them, and prepare all the necessary things for the procedure.This usually packing lenses special liquid for washing them, and the storage container for the separate storage of lenses after their removal.The first time is easiest to perform all manipulations in the mirror, then you will see in practice how to put on the lens.It may also be useful to clean a paper handkerchief when his eyes begin to tear.

2. The most difficult thing in most cases - is to learn not to blink for some time when you need to pull the upper and lower eyelids ring and middle fingers of one hand, facilitating access to the eye.At the same time the ring finger should be based on the lower eyelid, and the average, respectively, on the top.Some people are more convenient to use for this index and middle fingers.Here man himself has to find a comfortable position.

3. Now you can take the lens out of the package.Make sure that it is moist, it will facilitate the process of putting on.Before you wear contact lenses, just put one of them on the tip of the index finger (closer to the nail), and look at its shape.If it looks like a bowl of regular shape, so there will be worn correctly.On some models, you can see the side of the letter, which will also help you to understand, whether the lens is twisted.And if it looks like a plate edges, the label has a reverse image, the product is in the wrong position.

4. Pulling eyelids and looked up, leaning against the white portion of the lens to the eye - the sclera.It has no nerve endings and touching will be painless.Wet the lens stick to it.Gently blink, so it is automatically moved to the center of the eye.You understand that all is correct, to improve the view.

5. How to put the lens on the other eye, you know, you just need to repeat 2, 3 and 4 points.

6. If you feel uncomfortable, pain or any other discomfort in the eyes after the procedure, remove the lens, hold them a few minutes in a liquid to wash, and then put on.

7. Fuzzy, poor vision after application of contact lenses may be the result of improper location on the eye.To avoid this, check their shape before wear lenses.Also, the feeling is for beginners who have never corrected vision.Over time, the eyes get used to contact lenses, and improve the quality of vision.You also need to check which part of the eye is the lens.If it is located on the sclera, blink or move it carefully to the center of the eye.