How to change your password in the "Google"?

If you use a mail from Google or other services of the company, it is likely you will be interested to learn how to change your password in the "Google", thereby reducing the risk of breaking the account to a minimum.Question Security account is especially important for those users who store or the post office, for example, on Google-ROM important information.

Often when registering at any site we indicate weak "pass", consisting of a set of easy to guess numbers or letters (date of birth, qwerty, name + date of birth).This combination of cracked almost instantly.Do not believe me?Then use one of the services check the password complexity.For example, go to Howsecureismypassword - and see for yourself in this statement.

As you can see, the information turned out to be true, so if you use easy password, you must know how to fix the situation.This will be discussed further.

How to change your password in the "Google" (new version)

So, in order to change the password of an account Google, you nee

d to log in and click on the avatar in the right corner.A window will appear in which you are interested in the button "My Account".Click on it will open a page where you need to pay attention to the section "Safety and input" - namely, the link "login Google┬╗.Click on it and you will see a window where you can change the character set used for logging in, and set a two-step authentication.

long as you need to know how to change password in "Google", so click on the corresponding word, and specify a valid combination of symbols, and then enter the new one and confirm it.

How to restore the account password Google

Sometimes a user forgets the password on your account, or do not remember where to place it.As a consequence, it can not get access to your account to view the desired information or to continue work, for example, on an important project.

Rectify the situation as follows:

  • When prompted for a password, click on the link "Help".
  • On the next page, select the checkbox option "I do not remember your password" and then enter your email address and click "Continue."
  • Enter your mobile phone number to which you are tied to your account.
  • Prescribe Code, which came to you on the phone, and click "Continue."
  • Enter the new password and confirm it.

That's it!Now that you know how to recover the password "Google", and thus be able to solve the problem yourself.

Conclusion As you can see, to cope with the tasks a snap.Of course, if you are trying to recover the password of an account Google, which was not "tied" to the mobile phone, then your actions will be a little different.However, in this case access to your account is easy enough to return.

So now that you know how to change password in "Google", it is recommended to perform this operation on a regular basis to improve the security of information stored on the services of this company.