How to make homemade lemonade from lemons and other components?

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lemonade - very refreshing drink, the taste is familiar and loved since childhood.But if once the "Pinocchio" and other kinds of soda produced from natural fruit and berry juices, now have so much "chemistry" that some water from the former sweet little and only the names remain.However, it does not matter, because it can be cooked yourself!

Lemonade from mineral

offer to make homemade lemonade from lemons, sugar and mineral water, but, of course, no distinct flavors.This will require lemons, sugar and liquid itself.Squeeze a few lemons.In each glass pour soda, put 1.5 tablespoons of sugar and pour a tablespoon of juice.Stir to dissolve the sugar.At the bottom of each glass lower circle citrus fruit.You can serve.This home-made lemonade out of lemons will please your guests and members of the household, especially when it is hot outside and drink cold.You can throw in each glass piece of ice.

alcoholic lemonade

If you have a party, but due to alcohol abuse and without scorching the surrounding atmosphere is not desirable, such a light drink with a small number of degrees would be just right.It will cheer up, will help you relax and have fun, but do not hit in the head and do not cause discomfort.In preparing this homemade lemonade from a lemon and white wine.With lemon peel must be removed, rub-a-half cups of sugar.Pour the juice obtained from half a lemon (a large, but you can with a whole).There also pour a glass of white wine and hot water.Mix well.Let the little flasks cool down.Then, home-made lemonade out of lemons filtered and served to the table.Keeping the proportions, you can prepare the required amount of drink.He poured it into cups, attach each to the edge of a slice of lemon.And do not forget about a few ice cubes!

Lemonade useful

Of course, you've heard about the benefits of ginger.We invite you to make a drink, which is precisely aligned with pleasure.Recipe for homemade lemonade from a lemon with ginger root and so good that not only quenches thirst and pleases our taste buds, but also has beneficial effects on the heart, gastrointestinal tract, normalizes metabolism.Especially in the composition of the components included and honey.In short, do not drink, and some solid vitamins.You will need to water (3 liters), honey (1 cup, better to liquid), ginger (size - 7-8 cm), as well as 4-5 lemons (who likes the taste brighter - for those 5).If seem sour, increase the amount of honey.The root is ground on a grater (do not forget to clean!), Squeezed the juice out of lemons.You can use the juicer.Boil the water and add the juice, and the root of it.Let a small fire then 10-12 minutes, then turn off and pour the honey, stir.When your refreshing homemade lemonade to cool, fill their glasses with ice.As a piquant component throw boiling water in a couple of mint leaves - at the drink will be a wonderful fresh scent.

Lemonade on tea

Finally, another very simple, affordable, tasty and healthy retseptik.You sure there will house green tea - either alone or with various additives.Suitable for any sort of lemonade, which is more like it.Boil 4-5 cups of tea (bag per cup), pour into a pitcher.Squeeze the juice of 3-4 lemons, add the same direction.Mash and drop a few leaves of mint.At tea, by the way, you can put sugar or honey to taste, but you can do without them.More dilute 2 cups of boiled water.Wait until the drink has cooled down, and drink to your health!