Why not talk to a naked woman (superstition modern girls)

Our grandmothers believed in "the evil eye", iron pins, conversations with the dead, prophetic dreams and other heresies, which is now in the eyes of their "advanced" grandchildren looks pretty funny.But - funny as long as it does not concern their own "beliefs" and take.And they, as it turned out, even the "glamor" of twenty young ladies present.Moreover, a considerable number, and quite funny.

So most 8 (fun, silly, required to comply - choose which of these three definitions you prefer) will today glamorous ladies:

1. You can not put a bag on the floor (for example, when you come to the restaurant) - and that money will not be.
The bag should be put on a nearby chair or on a special stand for the bags.Also, in order to attract money in the life of a glamorous girl advised to bring large purses - the size of a clutch evening bag.It is understood that the size of the purse - something uncomfortable.But you have to endure, after all you want, that you had a lot of money? ..

2. You can not look in the mirror with a friend at the same time - quarreled over men.

That is, it is safe to look in the mirror with an unknown woman - for example, in a closet in a nightclub.And with a hairdresser in one mirror is also not afraid to look.But to stand next to her friend and discuss who is greatest among you is the new lip gloss MAC, - already a mistake.Sign, say, works throughout the year.

3. You can not pour herself tea from the kettle (not at home, and in the restaurant) - it is to be alone.
is necessary to pour the waiter or satellites.In general, look after itself modern girls is not recommended.For example, in any case can not afford to buy jewelry itself, even jewelry.It should be a time to start - and all gifts are no longer wait!If you really want to buy, you have to call my mother and give my mother money.Mom can not hurt.

4. Do not give your jewelry to try on - trying on can steal your happiness.
And that, to borrow decorations for the evening, there can be no question.The same applies to dresses, handbags and cars.From the habits acquired in the camp, where all the clothes on the first day was declared a total change, we must get rid of.

5. You can not pour the wine from his glass in the other - there is a risk to give up his share happy.
If you still had to do so - for example, you have a bachelorette party, have to clink glasses, and at one of the girls ended up wine, and a bottle of it, too, was over - and so, in such a situation can be cast, but myself need to say:"At all enough."Three times.Better - ten.

6. It is necessary to avoid contact with outsiders naked women - for example, in the locker room or sports club - it reflects badly on the energy balance.
If the meeting can not be avoided, try to hide behind a bathrobe, towel and swimsuit.In no case can not be regarded foreign naked women.Joyful thoughts like "as it is thicker than I," it is necessary to drive away from you.Start a conversation with naked women - as if they were wearing and nothing special - not recommended.

7. If you put something inside, immediately take off this thing and slapped his hand - it will help prevent the loss of any scale, from layoffs to traffic congestion.
Once you strike, go to the closet and came up with a new outfit for the day.Turned inside out inside thing is to lie idle.If the thing turned inside out was found not at home, you should immediately run to the store and buy a replacement.The top two.

8. If your mother in law seeks to quarrel with her husband, it is necessary to quietly stick under her bed image of some loving couple with many years of living together - for example, cut out some "yellow" rag photos with Menchov Alentova.
So advise to do a specialist in feng shui.Also for family happiness should be removed from the house all the portraits of single women.For this will have to sacrifice even his own successful portraits of seven years ago.A mother-in should give your wedding photo in a frame.It is best not one, but two ... four, six or eight.How many fancy enough.

Svetlana Muraveva

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