How to get rid of moles on their summer cottage.

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Garden moles in nature - it is hard-working gardeners: they loosen the earth system in underground passages, and combat harmful insects feeding on them.However, in comparison with a person considered to be a mole pest gardens.Why is there such a distribution of roles, and how to get rid of moles on their summer cottage?Learn!

Caution moles!

The fact that none of the mole is no concept of "private property".They believe that their every territory in which settle.Then on "their" land of insectivorous pest fancies himself the complete master.As a true gardener, a mole is entirely immersed in the work, pardon the pun, with the head.As a result - fresh molehills and tunnels, which adversely affect our beds, lawns and flower beds.So what are the measures to combat this pest can we do?

How to get rid of moles on their summer cottage: humane methods

  1. One of the simplest and most classical way to deal with moles is scaring.To do this, use the loud sounds.In the middle of his land to slide the iron rod, it Push the plastic bottle or tin.The slightest breath of wind provokes clanging sound, feared moles.Practice shows that this method is not very effective, but it is quite simple.
  2. One of humane and effective techniques in the fight against moles is their catch.This is done using a special krotolovki or improvised.For example, at an angle to bury the three-liter jar in the ground.At the same time it must be the same neck of the entrance.When you catch a mole, do not ruin it, and keep it away from your site and released.
  3. Today, there are perhaps most effective humane way to get rid of moles on their summer cottage: use the electronic repeller.This device works in the ground.Vibrations to which it creates, is perceived by our pests as the tremors, t. E. An earthquake.Survival instinct tells, and moles leave this place.The most famous brand repellents - "Antikrot" MK080.The device half-buried in the ground in the middle of your garden plot, after which it begins to vibrate periodically.Most importantly - do not forget the timely replacement of batteries AAA.

How to get rid of moles on their summer cottage: lethal methods

  1. Such methods of catching moles are intended to kill them, or at least hurt.The simplest of them - trap using three-pointed fishing hook tied to a heavy stick and incorporated in each turn of the pest.Mole comes to check my tunnel and engages like a fish on a hook.
  2. No mole - no problem.Flood of the animal.For this purpose, it wormhole tunnel or insert the hose and open the water.
  3. Get rid of moles on their summer cottage will help special bait with poison.Also, place them in the tunnels and molehills.For example, roll in rat poison earthworms and scatter them Krotov "possessions."
  4. Use special means for controlling these pests.Get them in hardware stores.