How to display all the OS

Wasps - predatory insects.They hunt in numerous arthropods, including threatening the garden.However, wasps can be a direct threat to humans.These insects not only psychologically and prevent annoying.Hornet's nest, located in the immediate vicinity of the home - a great danger for humans and for animals.These predatory insects are very aggressive.In an attempt to protect their own nest wasps can attack anyone violated their peace.

consequence bites of these insects can be an allergic reaction or asthma.Repeated attacks of wasps can cause anaphylactic shock in humans.Sometimes insects bite, and without any provocation.They attack people just approach them.That is why the relevant question is: "How to bring wild wasps?ยป

Modern chemical industry produces a large number of drugs to kill intruders.However, with their help, to get rid of the striped insects easy.Extermination more of it is not a guarantee that the living individuals will not return to the place of the nest and begin all over again.

How to display OS is most effective?First of all, you must install the place where the nest is located aggressive insects.This is usually the nooks in the attic, under the roof or on the balcony.The nest should be destroyed.

Like wasps bring the most accessible ways?Keep in mind that when it detects the slot immediately to the attack rush not worth it.It is necessary first of all to protect his face and hands.Then, boil water in a kettle.Do not interfere, and Aerosol cans (insect repellent).Cautiously approaching the nest, it must pour boiling water.Such security measures carried out at night or at dawn.In these hours reduced activity of predatory insects.

How to display OS by another method?To use it you will need dichlorvos.Chemicals pours slot that confuses insects.Taking advantage of this moment, shelter OS should be placed in a tight package, which should quickly tie, carry a certain distance, and set fire to a safe area, pouring any flammable liquid.

How to display OS using intolerant of oil?Nest can pour diesel fuel.At the same time almost all the hornet's family will be destroyed.

How to display OS from the attic, pipes or other hard to reach areas?By jack should pick up at dawn or at night and pour into dichlorvos or any household chemicals ("Domestos", bleach, etc.).After the events of the attic or chimney is desirable to close.In this case, more insects will die, and, in addition, their attack will be prevented, because frightened wasp will sting anyone who gets in their way.

effective method is spraying and using the sprayer on the nest and its surroundings gasoline.In this killed virtually all individuals.Subsequently, even the surviving insects to its former place of residence will never return.Not far from the nest can be hung and bundles of red pepper.He can not stand insects, so just fly away from this place.