Christmas trouble: Festive image of fast and beautiful

offer a simple solution to the festive make-up and hairstyles.For meykapa you can do with just one shade of shadow, product for lips and liner.A haircut "wavy bob" will take you no more than 15 minutes.

Start with makeup:

Step 1. Prepare your face with its tonal foundation powder the bit.You can use the so-called "liquid powder".This product is at the touch of the skin is transformed into a light powdery veil, and has properties of foundation.For young skin suit BB-Cream.

Step 2. Arrange eyebrows.Brown pencil fill space eyebrows, short strokes in the direction of hair growth, as if imitating the hairs.Then the eyebrows will look natural and expressive.For evening make-up, you can afford a bright brown color.

Step 3. Take black flickering shadows and put on a movable portion of the upper eyelid, blend well.Put a layer of intense black shadows in the crease of the upper eyelid.Blend shadow to the outer edge of the eye.

Step 4. black liquid liner to move the upper eyelid.The outer end of the line, lift, to get the elegant "arrow".

Step 5. lips made of soft and natural.Use shade of beige or clove with a little shimmer.Please circle beige lip pencil and paint them all the surface of the lips.And then apply a neutral gloss.

Step 6. color black eyelashes lengthening mascara.And your image is ready!

now is to do hair.If you wear a haircut "Bob", then you'll love the image of wavy hair.Approximately like Karlie Kloss.

for hairstyles we need all 3 assets and utyuzhok.Stacking is done on clean hair!

Step 1. Apply to all the hair indelible spray for thermal protection.

Step 2. Divide the hair into sections.Start with the sides and the bottom, and then put the top segment.Take small strands and treat Styling Spray, specially designed for curls.This activator curler, curl it keeps longer.

Step 3. Use iron is to make curls.This will leave the ends of the hair straight and mischievous.For a more natural curl perm alternate: one strand curls back another - forward, and so on.

Step 4. Repeat the process on the whole head, complete the top and front locks.Do not confuse a little steam that comes from the ironing is styling products evaporate.

Step 5. Apply a little serum on hand for hair, shake the curls and lay your hands as you wear.Everything is ready, it's time to open the door to visitors!

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