First Class: How to help your child adjust to studying in school?

Study - is, in fact, the first conscious work activity, which requires the child attention, diligence, perseverance, the ability to finish the job.All children are different to get used to this innovation.

How to help your child get used to his new role of the student?Top tips for parents gives Anna Bezinger - child psychologist, Montessori teacher progymnasium "Seeker," the author of books and articles on child psychology and methods of work with children.

most difficult for most children are the first 2-3 weeks, but for someone adjustment period extends over several months.The good news is that in this age there is a change leading to gaming activities for the training, which helps to adapt to school.

How to help a child during the period of adaptation to the school?

Parental love and care - this is important, as banal as it may sound.The child ever needs them.Family troubles - the enemy of a successful adaptation of the child to school and vice versa, comfortable psychological environment at home makes it easier to get used to new surroundings.

reacted with understanding to the fact that in the period of adaptation to school children often behave "like little» : beg on his hands, capricious.During this period, the child wants to make sure that it is still safe that Mom and Dad are always there.

has a clear regime - rise at 7.00, going to bed no later than 21.30.Some children who are in kindergarten and loved afternoon nap can save and watch the daily "quiet time."

Do not forget a balanced diet : definitely a hot breakfast, fruit and vegetables throughout the day.In times of stress (and the first months of this study will be to stress yesterday kindergartners) the body more susceptible to infection, so a proper diet will reduce the risk of colds.

If the parents of the future first-graders there are fears that the child will often be ill, it is better to consult in advance pediatrician or allergist-immunologist, which helps qualified medical advice.All medicines to improve the health of a child with a chronic disease should begin to take the first school day.

not have to hurry to write it in circles and sections .This can lead to fatigue and consequently, irritability and health problems.It is also better to try to avoid the "prodlenki", at least in the first half.

Parents need to maintain in the family a positive attitude to learning .In no case can not always to talk about how difficult it is to go to school - the child may see the fear, the fear of failure.It is important to be honest and not to overreact, telling how easily and well in school.

helps first time to collect your child Portfolio .This does not mean that you have to do everything for him.Insist that he opened the diary and notebooks and textbooks folded, looking at what items will be tomorrow.It is also convenient to hang on the wall calendar so that it was in the evening before his eyes.

Many first graders take to school toys .It's not terrible, we just have to explain that you can only play at recess.With favorite bear the child feels secure.It is particularly important sense of security for the timid, anxious and shy children.They could hardly be included in the game, can not move closer to his classmates, so let it be until next favorite toy.

Important!On teachers

first teacher - is an important person in the life of your entire family.It would be immediately set her close contacts, to listen to her advice, offering help in organizing events and public affairs - in fact any of your part in school life will benefit your child.Your son or daughter will have a reason to be proud of you!

certainly consent requirement that the child is not affected by your disagreement with the teacher.If you do not like (or do not understand), methods of teaching, ask the teacher to explain its features and advantages over other methods of learning.

How is adaptation?

used to the new conditions and requirements of the child's body goes through several stages.

first 2-3 weeks of training were called «physiological storm» .During this period, the impact of new child's body responds considerable stress of almost all of its systems, that is, the children spend a large part of the resources of the organism.This explains the fact that in September, many first graders are ill.

next stage adaptation called «unstable device» .The body of the child is acceptable, suboptimal options reactions to the new conditions.

After that comes the period of relative «sustainable adaptation» .The body reacts to stress with less stress.

According to the degree of adaptation of children can be divided into three groups.

- The first group of children adapted during the first two months of training.These children are relatively rapidly infused into the team mastered in school, acquire new friends.They are almost always in a good mood, they are calm, friendly, good faith and without apparent effort perform all the requirements of the teacher.Sometimes they still marked difficulty or in contact with children or in a relationship with the teacher, as it is still difficult to comply with all the rules of conduct.But by the end of October, the difficulties tend to fade into the background, the child is fully mastered.

- The second group children over a longer period of adaptation.Children can not accept the new situation of learning, communication with the teacher, the children.Such students can play in the classroom, to sort things out with his friends, they do not respond to the comments of a teacher or react with tears, hurt.As a rule, these children have difficulty in mastering the curriculum only by the end of the first half of the reaction of these children are adequate to the requirements of the school.

- The third group - children who have social and psychological adaptation is associated with considerable difficulties.They dramatically manifest negative emotions, they hardly learn the curriculum.It is these children often complain about the teacher: they "interfere" to work in the classroom.

signs of successful adaptation

- First , is the satisfaction of the child's learning process.He likes school, he does not feel uncertainty and fear.

- second sign - how easily a child copes with the program.If the school and the regular program of the traditional and the child is having difficulty learning, you need to support him in a difficult moment, not overly criticize for being slow and not to compare with other children.

Important!About schoolmates

is important to help the child find their place in the classroom, to build a relationship with the teacher and classmates, never to speak ill of them.To do this, you can meet with other parents and support children's initiative to talk out of school, or even to negotiate with other parents about going to the playground or the zoo.The first time it is important to ask plenty of questions to ask about schoolmates, maintain, if need advise how to build a relationship with them.

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