For details on how to remove Sweet Page in your browser

discuss how to remove Sweet Page in your browser, because very often the developers of free software projects complement their worthless software partners that are automatically placed on the user's computer.

Sweet page, how to clean: User

If you are experiencing unauthorized modification bookmarks home and home page on the above search site and want to delete this intrusive solution, follow the detailed instructions.Click "Start", go to "Control Panel", then refer to the "Programs and Features".Sort all installed applications on the date and in the list you will see a program called «Sweet Page».Right-click on it and select "Remove attachment."

program will launch its own uninstaller, it should be noted all the checkboxes to clear the entire program from the computer of his presence.So ends the first and foremost step in answering the question of how to remove Sweet Page.We also recommend you remove all the other unknown applications that were installed on the day of the appearance of the program «Page Sweet» on your computer.Typically, this additional or, as they are commonly called, the "partnership" programs, they are often nothing useful in themselves do not carry.

Sweet Page How to remove the browser Mozilla Firefox

Remove the start page «Sweet Page» in the browser «Mozilla Firefox», if it persists, in spite of the implementation of the above instructions.Go to the "Start" menu, then run the "All Programs", right-click on the icon «Mozilla Firefox», then select "Properties".Before you will be a special dialog box.

Next, make sure that the window "Object" after the command «firefox.exe» has no more nothing but double quotation marks and names of programs.If it has anything to do too much - remove it and click "OK".

Then delete from your desktop all references to the browser «Mozilla Firefox» (labels, badges) and make new shortcuts for the browser.To do this, go to the "Start" menu, click "All Programs" and, using a simple drag and drop, add everything you need on your desktop.

Thereafter, in the browser settings, check the specified start page, for this purpose click on the button «Firefox» in the upper left corner, go to "Settings", and then to the tab "Basic".If there was not unknown to you site, delete it and click "OK".

Setting Options «Chrome»

further discuss how to remove Sweet Page in the browser from the company «Google».First, shoot everything that was described in the instructions at the beginning of this material.Remember that the "object" after the inscription «chrome.exe» nothing should be stated, but name the browser, as well as the double quotes.

Next, open the "Settings Options" attribution of "Google" and remove unknown to you, and opens by default start page.After this issue worries you most likely disappear.

work on getting rid browser «Internet Explorer» from the "intruder"

Start with the implementation of the Common Regulations, which opened this material.In other words, delete the downloaded application without permission from your toolbar.If you have correctly completed all the steps above, but the program of dubious origin are still not willing to leave, try to resort to additional measures.

Reinstall browsers susceptible to change.Install the program for cleaning infected browsers and remove malicious applications.For example, you can try the cleaner from "Avast".You can also take advantage of «msconfig».Try disabling Sweet Page third-party programs that specialize in removing unwanted programs.So we looked at how to remove Sweet Page in your browser.We hope this guide will be useful to you.Thank you for your attention.