How to treat the redness of the foreskin

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foreskin of the male member has a small plot, which even in case of irritation heals quickly when he does not touch it.But during intercourse or masturbation appears redness of the foreskin.

This is due to the fact that during erection occurs skin stretching.Then, friction and getting into the zone of semen or secretions of women's causes irritation of the foreskin, leading to a slight itching and redness.If you can not wait for the disappearance of the irritation and continue to rub the foreskin during intercourse, then this condition progresses, resulting in a abrasions.However, if the penis is left alone, then the next day, everything will start to heal.

Redness of the foreskin in medicine called balanoposthitis.The main reason for its occurrence becomes disregard for hygiene content of the external genitalia, especially in the aggravation of phimosis (inability to expose the head of the penis).

irritation of the foreskin are acute and chronic forms.The acute form, in turn, divided into pustular, ulcer, gangrenous, erosive and simple.The chronic form is induratum (shrinks when the foreskin is a member) and ulcerative hypertrophic.

Balanoposthitis manifested by various symptoms, which combine three main groups.

1. Pain, redness and itching of the foreskin, burning, pain and other discomfort in the area of ​​head of the penis, inconvenience man.It may also occur sensitization head, expressed premature ejaculation, leading to a decrease in the duration of sexual intercourse.

2. Redness of the foreskin, sores and cracks in it, or head, bumps, dots, red spots, irritation and dryness, thinning of the mucosa (it becomes like parchment).

3. Presence of non-natural emissions.In the normal state is allocated a secret mucous head.It stands out in small portions and under the hygiene does not cause any problems.When the disease becomes more intense isolation and forced to frequently wash the foreskin and head.Sometimes the selection is impregnated underwear.

All the men who noticed the redness of the foreskin should start with increasing the number of hygiene.It should be warm water with soap wash penis several times a day.This is usually enough to eliminate redness and no further treatment is required.

If these procedures do not lead to a positive result, the zone should be treated with antiseptics.This should be done a week after the daily hygiene.Can not be used for this alcohol, iodine, potassium permanganate - these drugs reduce the sensitivity to the glans penis.

are much more effective antiseptics, they have a broader spectrum of activity, and the local use does not cause any complications.It is unlikely that someone comes into my head the idea to use exposure to the bacteria that has infected penis, lekartsva tablet form.After all, the drug will pass through many internal organs.It is much easier to handle directly the head directly.

If the use of antiseptics is not effective, then the mucosa of the penis is severely damaged.The best solution would be a visit to a doctor.In modern medicine, there are several drugs that contribute to the restoration of the natural properties of the mucosa, but they are selected individually, as distinguished by their action.There are cases where, in addition to local products, it is necessary to implement a common therapies.