What is Empire?

Today we will try to deal with the fact that such an empire.This term we often use in the modern world, but a completely different value it had in antiquity.And also look at examples of empires that once existed in our land.

Some terminology

Most often today use the term in a figurative sense.What is an empire for the modern man?This is a giant monopoly, which controls the entire industry some activities.It makes its own rules, sets their own prices, and competition is being said, destroys in the bud.There are many examples - newspaper empire, hotel empire, an empire in the world of sportswear.

What Empire for historians?This political education superstate, which is composed of different people, countries, communities.They are united by a religion or ideology, or ethnic or economic or force.Often part of the state were the colony.

It is the main city - the so-called capital of the empire, which is inhabited by a monarch called an emperor.In his hands is concentrated all power, it will solve all the issues of war and peace, life and death of his subjects, relying on a powerful bureaucracy.

Types Empire

So, what we understand the empire, now try to determine what species it is.

  • Ancient: Egyptian, Persian, Roman, and so the Celestial Empire. D. The characteristic features of them had sole, often theocratic power of the monarch.
  • Colonial Spanish, British, French, Dutch.This state formations that have arisen as a result of the capture of foreign lands by one country.They were the center of their metropolis, and the management was highly centralized.
  • Traditional: German, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, Japanese.This multi-level government systems with a single economic space, the army, the ideological center.

the middle of the twentieth century, almost all the empires that have existed in the world, or split into separate states, or fundamentally changed its character.

Holy Roman Empire

Empire is the most famous of all time, whose tenure extended to most of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.It was the beginning of the Roman Republic, and the time frame determined by the interval of 27 BC.e.at 476 before its collapse, it was divided into Western and Eastern parts.West ceased to exist very soon, the East, centered in Constantinople, survived another millennium.

Legacy of public education is difficult to overestimate.Ruler of the empire were laid hundreds of cities, built roads and aqueducts.The Romans brought to light the notion of "right", "justice", "senate", they have created a huge and invincible army, which reigned the cruel discipline.About her military exploits are still legendary.And the impact on art and its development in general can be not to mention - it is obvious.So far in the Eternal City is the center of Christianity - Vatican.

heirs of the once grand powers saw themselves as the Byzantine Empire, both French Empire led by Napoleon I and Napoleon the Third, Germany on the forehead with Bismarck and Hitler, claimed the title of Emperor of Mussolini.Third Rome Moscow Ivan the Terrible announced, using Byzantine regalia.

unofficial emblem of power was the golden eagle, the flag of the empire itself was absent.There were only the banners used by the troops.

British Empire

It is considered the largest in the territory of all the empires that have existed ever.It is the country where the sun never sets, since the possession of the British crown were scattered across the globe.It is obliged to numerous English colonies that became almost international.

amazing how a small island state could turn into a huge empire!But the fact remains: starting with the colonization of America, England seized the land in Australia, Africa, Australia and Oceania, Asia.

laws of the empire were not severe, often monopoly concern for the development of colonies and infrastructure.However, marine, legal and economic standards were equipped by the British model.In many ways, the economy has worked to the benefit of the metropolis.

British successfully used the Roman principle of the separation of power and, therefore, could not long hold the reins of power in their hands, simultaneously battling with other contenders for domination of the world - France, Spain, Holland.Flag Empire now every schoolchild knows: the so-called "Union Jack".He looks like a blue cloth with a direct red cross in a white okaemke and two oblique crosses superimposed, white and red colors.

Officially the British Empire ceased to exist in 1949, but until now Joint Commonwealth, in which it is transformed, has a certain influence.

Russian Empire

from small Moscow principality, then the kingdom, the Russian Empire existed from 1721 till 1917. The beginning is such a state system put great reformer Peter the Great, who built a new capital in the north.Constantly leading the war for the expansion of its possessions, the crown slowly was building a life in the occupied territories.The empire was, as expected, a multinational Poland, Ukraine, Karelia, Ingria, Estonia, Livonia, Crimea, Belarus, Alaska, Bessarabia, Azerbaijan, Georgia ... the end of it was the Bolshevist coup, known as the October Revolution.Recently, however, a lot of talk about the restoration of the monarchy in the country.


So we know that the empire - a country which has extended its influence over a large area.As of today there is not a single of them, we can safely say that it is thing of the past.Therefore, attempts to anyone restore any of them - it is having no prospects.This is a mistake that can bring a lot of grief and to the initiator, and to all others.