How to Cook crumbly rice: Tips and Recipes

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question of how to cook crumbly rice, increasingly tormented young mistresses.His popularity has become very great, because the side dishes of rice and meat are great, and the fish, and vegetables.By type of cuisine assess its taste, because it is very important that the rice was crumbly.Cook crumbly rice is very easy.It is important to choose the desired grade, to know how much to pour water on the fire to cook some.

few decades ago, the stores only had a round figure that as a result of cooking very much fall apart and gets porridge-gruel.Now in stores you can see many different rice varieties, different colors and method of processing.

Figure kruglozernisty really fall apart and is suitable for puddings, and casseroles.Try to make it crumbly not necessary, as it will not be so.

of medium in the cooking made easy, only a few grains stick together, it is suitable for soups.

Long grain also does not stick together when cooked.Because it makes different dishes - rice, soups, side dishes.The most elite grade of long grain rice - "Basmati".It always turns out crumbly.How to cook crisp rice "Basmati" is written on the package, just need to adhere to the instructions.

Parboiled rice - the most affordable for many people.It does not stick and contains many nutrients due to steaming.

selected varieties of cereals, start cooking.How to cook crisp rice?First, it is necessary to wash a few times until the water is clear.Next, pour boiling water so that it covered the figure of 3 cm, and salt.It is best to cook in the casserole or saucepan with a thick bottom.Cook over low heat about 20 minutes.Then cover with a lid and let the 10-minute infusion.

From this cereal can be cooked many side dishes.

How to cook crisp rice?The most delicious pilaf recipe

fine meal of rice - pilaf.He is preparing a special way.In general, it is very popular, as evidenced by its varieties: pork, beef, mutton, chicken, vegetables, fruit, lean, vegetarian.

The classic recipe of the dish consists of meat, rice, onion, carrot, fat and spices.Pilaf prepared in various ways.But without it seemed impossible to cook the most delicious version.

gather all the necessary ingredients, you are ready to cook pilaf.

well washed the cauldron to put on a strong fire, heat for 5-7 minutes and pour oil (450 gr.), Continue heating for about 10 minutes.

sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonion rings (0.5 kg) to throw into the cauldron, stir.When he acquires a golden color, you must add the diced meat (1.5 kg) and cook, on to the meat appeared dusky crust (about 10 minutes).

Then you can add the carrots, cut into strips (1 kg), continue to fry for 10 minutes and further need to pour boiling water to cover everything that is in Kazan.Fire must be reduced to a minimum and to add salt and spices.All these boil, stirring occasionally, about 30 minutes.If the meat is completely ready, you can add rice (1.5 kg), and pour boiling water to 1.5 cm above the beans.Tweak to maximum flame.Do not stir, and cook until the water is below the level of the rice, and the rice is ready in half.

Fire twist to a minimum.In the middle of the rump assemble slide and cover with a lid, so that it did not reach the edge of approximately 1-2 cm to the walls of the cauldron.And simmer for 15 minutes.Fire shut down, and after another 15 minutes, remove the lid, all moved.

delicious rice, a recipe which was given above, ready to eat!

Bon appetit!