How to make puff pastry yourself?

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Who among you would give up fresh croissants, delicious sloechki or piece of "Napoleon"?These light, melt in your mouth "snacks" of puff pastry, certainly would like to cook every woman.However, many are afraid to communicate with the test, and especially with the puff.And in vain!If desired, the tolerance and the availability of time, you can learn how to cook your own puff pastry and make it wonderfully delicious products according to your taste and desire.

To achieve aerobatics in the kitchen need to develop skills in a delicate approach to the test.Using the provided recipes and expert advice, you will know how to make puff pastry at home.And then be proud of its exquisite masterpieces, treating their friends and relatives.

When working with puff pastry should strictly adhere to the recipe.In this case, "can spoil porridge with oil," it does not allow an overabundance of products go up and makes them blurry.Butter or margarine should be refrigerated, but not frozen to because they were not torn layers, and make it easier to roll out.The flour must always be top grade and sieved before use.Water also take cold, it can be replaced with milk - it will improve the taste, but make less elastic dough.The optimal solution would be a combination of water and milk.There is another secret, tells you how to prepare a flaky pastry that it is tastier and softer.This is achieved by the addition of citric acid (lemon juice or vinegar), but the main thing is not to overdo it.

So, how to make puff pastry?To knead the unleavened dough will need: 2 cups flour, egg, a glass of water, ΒΌ h. Liter.lemon juice, a pinch of salt.For the second part, take 200 grams.butter and 150 gr.flour.

The ingredients do the second part of flour crumb.Pour the flour into a bowl and chop it with oil.Lumps have very little to be uniformly distributed in the bulk.From the resulting mixture, forming bead knead it is not necessary.

goes the dough is ready, turn our components and mixing thoroughly all vymeshivaya first spoon and then your hands.It should be soft.Then roll out the dough evenly in the middle of the oil put flattened ball and wrap it in an envelope.This envelope attribute in the fridge for half an hour, then roll out again, down again in the refrigerator.The procedure is repeated three or four times and then out of it, you can just cook.

very well with puff pastry with cheese, fruit, mushrooms and meat.Finished products are obtained crispy on top and soft inside.If you have not used all the dough, it can be frozen, if necessary, to re-use them at the same time it does not lose its properties.

more air turns flaky yeast dough.It is kneaded as ordinary yeast, and at the end of butter sandwiches.In principle, the technology for manufacturing puff pastry is the same in all species, and, in fact, is not particularly difficult.