On Sakhalin earthquake: the scale of destruction

Russia - the largest country in the world, which, because of the diversity of geographical, geological, climatic conditions, exposed to various natural phenomena.

Russia - the territory of earthquakes

The total number include the devastating earthquake representing tremors in the earth's crust due to the unstable tectonic processes.About 40% of the country are in a zone of seismic risk (the place with the frequency of earthquakes - about once every 500 years).According to scientists, the most dangerous city to live is considered to Petropavlovsk on the Kamchatka Peninsula.Alarming zones, which were recorded fluctuations in the Earth's crust force in 8-9 points is the Altai, the North Caucasus, Baikal Trans-Baikal, the Kuril Islands, Kamchatka Peninsula, Sayan ridge and the island of Sakhalin.

Sakhalin: 1995 earthquake

It Sakhalin earthquake measuring 7.6 points in 1995 claimed 2040 lives.Over the past 100 years it has been the most destructive, ruthlessly wiped out the town Neftegorsk.Founded in 1964, it was conceived as a settlement for oil.Located on the border of two tectonic plates in a seismically inactive area (at least so it was believed until 1995).

tremors of varying thickness (from 5 to 7 points) on the night of 27 May 28, were felt throughout the region, but most of all got Neftegorskaya, because the epicenter was located on a 25-30 kilometers.Fluctuations in the power of 7.6 on the Richter scale in a minute erased Neftegorsk, built over 30 years, the face of the Earth.Later, after finding out the causes of the tragedy, it was found that the houses were built on the cheapest technology, and the maximum that they could survive, - 6-magnitude earthquake.Enormous savings in human lives loudly reminded of himself in this tragic day.

City, which did not

were destroyed 17 five-storey buildings, medical facilities, shops, schools, kindergartens, broadcasting and communications facilities, the municipality, as well as the Palace of Culture, where to mark the completion of the academic year was held disco.Of the 26 graduates survived only 9 people;of 3197 inhabitants of the city - 1140 people.Earthquake on Sakhalin in 1995 buried under the rubble of two thirds of the population, including medical workers were killed and.Therefore, to provide first aid was simply no one.

pipeline was damaged and several oil rigs, causing the earth's surface flowed for a considerable amount of oil.Environment suffered considerable damage, as in the media did not say a word.

more fortunate located 60 kilometers north of the town of Okha, where the number of residents is 45 000 people.In that terrible night it observed minor violations of human casualties were reported.

rescue Neftegorsk

On the morning after the earthquake occurred in Sakhalin, the island was a heavy fog, which prevented access to the scene of the tragedy rescue teams.The nearest airport, where they could carry out a landing aircraft 65 kilometers, which, combined with poor roads greatly consuming a lot of time.Therefore, the lost time is not played to the benefit of the victims managed to save a few of them.

total in the rescue of people took part in 1500, 25 aircraft, 24 helicopters and 66 vehicles.On day 4 the number of technology attracted increased to 267 units.It was during those fateful days, when there was an earthquake on Sakhalin Island, was first used 5 minutes of silence as once per hour fell silent all the equipment, stop work and stop talking, to hear people under the debris.

City, who died in an instant, it was decided not to rebuild.In its place was built a memorial and a chapel.Cemetery with the burial of residents nearby.

after the incident in 1995, the tragedy of the earthquake on Sakhalin seized a number of areas, however, with less destruction.In 2003, he suffered the Altai Mountains in 2006 - Kamchatka in 2008 - Chechnya.

Sakhalin: map of seismic activity in real time

Today everything has changed.Now watch the seismic situation in the region can every Internet user Sakhalin Island.Map, developed by scientists specifically for this particular area, allows real-time monitoring of all fluctuations in the Earth's crust.New unique equipment is located at the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics, and everyone has the ability to track the progress of the earthquake and its parameters: the coordinates of the epicenter, depth and amplitude.That is an opportunity to give the most correct evaluation of seismic event occurring.Previously, scientists have recorded the tremors only on paper;Now information about fluctuations in the Earth's crust in the data center pass 15 seismic sensors.