How to cook quick and tasty barley

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Barley porridge is not very popular among Russians, but it happens, most likely due to an insufficient number of cooking recipes.In fact, this dish is one of the most simple and accessible financially.Before we talk about how to prepare porridge, we have to talk about the beneficial properties of barley.Those who do not know, we inform you that barley is called whole grain barley.The sale of cereal supplied free of films.In barley contains many useful substances to human health.For example, amino acids.Also Perlovka contains lysine - a substance that stimulates the production of collagen and slow the aging process.

Many housewives are interested in how to prepare a delicious barley.There are many methods and recipes for these cereals.However, different people have different tastes.For example, one like barley porridge, boiled in water, and another - on milk.Often, the finished pudding added pieces of fruit, herbs, and any other ingredients.Women who are watching their figures, often choosing barley diet.It allows for the shortest possible time to lose weight.This body is not exhausted and continues to receive the necessary nutrients.

tell you how to cook quick and tasty barley.To porridge turned out crumbly and delicious, cereals should be soaked in cold water the night before.Waking up in the morning, you will only need to pour cereal with milk of any fat content, or plain water.How to cook pearl barley?It is necessary to put the pot in which the cereal with milk or water, bring it all to a boil and then simmer until cooked over low heat (if used milk, but in a water bath).As you can see, nothing complicated here.

If you are very limited on time, then we will tell you how to cook barley in multivarka.That it turned out even tastier, it is necessary for 9 hours before cooking soak it in curdled or ordinary water (based glass grains per liter of liquid).To avoid splashing water through the valve is recommended to make the oil inside the rim of the pan.

Initially, we need to thoroughly wash the rump.This should be done again and again, until the water in the deep plate is clear.Now carefully shift the multivarochnuyu washed barley in a pot.Topped up with plenty of water.At this stage, it is already possible to salt (but do not overdo it).Select mode Multivarki "Buckwheat".Set the timer.It is necessary to turn the unit on and wait until the selected mode is over.

Then pull out the container with cereal and laid it on a plate portions.You can barley flavor butter and add the syrup.It is a matter of taste.Some people prefer to eat barley with fruit pieces.As you can see, you have to do quite a bit of effort and time to cook delicious and aromatic gruel.Now that you know how to cook barley not only at the plate, but in multivarka.Enjoy your lunch or dinner!