How to speed up the Internet to Windows 7?

Slow Internet - is unbearable pain.He spends a lot of time downloading video fragments, it does not open completely Pictures, long page loads.This leads to the fact that you just want to throw your computer out the window.This article will show some steps that can help you correct or improve internet connection.

There are four ways on how to speed up the Internet on Windows 7. This can be done via:

  • browser.
  • modem / router.
  • package of Internet services.
  • Computer.

consider more information on how to speed up the Internet on Windows 7.

Browsers.Change browser

lot of people to access the Internet using Internet Explorer, which, unlike other browsers, consumes a large amount of resources.Web-page is now more sophisticated and loaded, respectively, the amount of memory required to load them increased, which means that it is best to use a browser, you can adjust the resources they consume, and the necessary updates.

Firefox browser has a large number of extensions that can allow block elements such as JavaScript, ads, Flash, as long as they are needed.One of the most useful additions - Adblock Plus, which virtually eliminates the launch of additional resources and speed up boot time.You can also try the add Fasterfox Lite, which will help Firefox to become even faster.

Google Chrome uses very little memory, and can be very useful on sites that work with JavaScript and Flash.You can also try to supplement FastestChrome.

Opera works in compression technology, Opera Turbo is designed specifically for slow network connections.

Looking speed of the Internet, you can find out what happened to improve.

remove any add-ons, extensions and plug-ins

Some plug-ins and add-ons are useful, and some of them, on the contrary, worsen the download page.You can try to disable them to speed up the browser.Configuring Internet browsers occurs differently.

To disable the add-on Firefox, go to "Tools & gt; Add-ons" and remove all unwanted add-ons and plug-ins.Restart Firefox, the changes to take effect.

To disable the add-on Google Chrome, you need to go "Customize & gt; Tools & gt; Extensions" and disable unnecessary plugins.Restart Chrome.

To disable add-ons Internet Explorer, you need to go to the menu on the way "Tools & gt; Manage Add-ons", then turn off unnecessary superstructure.Restart Internet Explorer.

Closing unused tabs

Even if you do not read the tabs, many pages are automatically updated every minute or second for synchronizing.To once again not to wonder about how to speed up the Internet to Windows 7, just close the tab, when you do not use them, so that they do not clog the channel.

Resolution caching

When admission of the cache browsing history ever pages or even some your personal information will be tracked and / or stored somewhere in memory, it is absolutely harmless and, in fact, allows you to load pages more quickly.If you are skeptical about this, keep the default settings to disable all cookies, and then add sites that you trust, thus reaching its "exclusive" list.In addition, do not configure your browser to cache is automatically cleared every time it closes.Different browsers have different settings to work with cookies and caches.

To change the setting:

  • In Firefox, go to "Tools & gt; Settings & gt; Privacy."
  • In Internet Explorer, go to "Settings" (may look like a screw).Next - "Custom Properties & gt; user log" - make sure that history is deleted after viewing.
  • In Chrome, go to "Tools (may look like a wrench) & gt; Settings", go down, then open the "Show Advanced Settings & gt; Privacy & gt; Content Settings".

Modem / Router

Switching wireless device to another channel

If you live next to neighbors and see their wireless connections, it is likely, a device that renders your wireless Internet connection, inhibits the connection of the fact thatbroadcasts on the same channel as that of the neighbors.To check, download, install and run a special program inSSIDer, scanning wireless networks and related channels in your area.

Find your wireless connection is provided in the list (it is usually at the top).Look at what channel it broadcasts for you, and then compare it to other channels used.Ideally, it should be one, but most often it is not.See what channels are most free and write them down.

If you want to change the wireless channel you want to connect to an IP-address of the modem / router (look manual check on the device), note the channel that receives the most user settings (the location will vary depending on your device) and selectan option in the list.

Replacement wireless router

This is the easiest way on how to speed up the Internet to Windows 7. And you can just move it to a room where he can make the most of its position.Ideally, there should be direct, free lines separating the computer and the router.

Eliminating interference from other wireless devices

Wireless phones can often be a great hindrance to wirelessly connect to the Internet, so that the space between them should be as large as possible physically.

wireless signal is free, but practice shows that the interference occur, especially when he has to walk through walls.

can help update the device.Old modem / router is simply not physically able to accommodate high-speed Internet traffic package.

Internet package.Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčInternet (ISP)

This is important, because the connection can be slow because of problems on the part of the provider, not your fault.If you do not correct the document, you can check your provider's website or contact them by phone.

online speed test

One of the best options on how to speed up the Internet to Windows 7. This test will give you a result similar to the one that should give the provider.If you get the lowest rates, try to check on another computer using the same network.If on the second turn a bad result, be sure to contact your service provider.Check the speed of the Internet - is a good chance to test your provider.

obsolete Internet package

If you use the same speed of the Internet for many years, you will likely not equipped for loading new web-pages, which are now more complicated.If you have had the same internet provider for a long time, have lower-cost upgrade for your continued loyalty.Otherwise, you can always turn to other Internet companies.

computer.Remove unwanted programs

Internet connection requires memory to have the speed for which you pay.If your computer is filled with unwanted program, the connection will be slower.Close and delete the programs that are not used.

viruses and spyware scanning

not running Windows 7, the Internet?Wondering how to speed up the operation of the Internet?Check your computer for viruses and spyware.Most run a full system scan.