How to cook pink.

Pink salmon - very tasty fish, if properly prepared.Its meat can not be called fat, so you should choose the recipe for which is obtained juicy and appetizing dish.How to cook pink salmon?There are many options.It can pickle, bake, fry and boil.So you can choose any method and proceed to the process of cooking.

to start salting very tasty pink.You will need a medium-sized fish, a little frostbitten.It is necessary to be easy to cut.Also take two tablespoons of salt and a spoonful of sugar.It will take a bank and olives, which are stuffed with lemon (take only such).Let's get started.The fish is cleaned of scales, bones and skin.Now, fillets cut into slices or stripes thickness of about 2 centimeters.Make a mixture of salt and sugar and spread it fish.Pour the brine to the same half of the jar of olives.Sami olives must be cut into two halves and put the fish.Keeping pink salmon at room temperature for about 4 hours.Then, put the top yoke, remove it in the refrigerator.

This fish is ready within a day.Serve it can be in the form of sandwiches.Bread buttered and put the fish on top.Decorate with greens.Here's how to prepare a pink salmon in salt form.

As already mentioned, the meat of this fish is a little somewhat dry.Therefore, before you cook pink salmon, it is necessary to choose the ingredients that will make it more juicy.The following recipe is just that.Let's talk about how to bake pink.Let's take one fish (weighing about 1 kg), two tomatoes, half a teaspoon of sugar, peppers of any kind, 100 grams of durum cheese, vegetable oil, salt and mayonnaise.The fish peeled and bones.Fillet dried with paper towel.Next, cut it into portions.

baking tray lined with paper baking.Pour it with vegetable oil.The fish salt and spread on a baking sheet.

sprinkle it with pepper and a little sugar (to taste became more saturated).Tomato cut into thin rings and lay on top.Three cheese on a grater and sypem tomatoes.Over dish add a little mayonnaise.Now we send the fish in the oven for 30 minutes.Baking temperature should be 200 degrees.On top of the fish should appear beautiful crust.Before you cook pink salmon, call to visit friends.They just do not succumb to this original dish!

Pink salmon is good and fried.Its taste qualities are manifested in any method of treatment.You can not separate the meat from the bones.It all depends on your desire.Cut the fish into pieces.Sprinkle them with salt, pepper or any seasoning.It is possible to give it to stand for 30 minutes so that it was soaked aroma and flavor additives.Then crumble slices in flour and lay on a heated pan with enough oil.Roasted on each side until golden brown.If the pan is enough oil, then in the meantime it is ready.Serve with lemon and vegetables.Here's how delicious pink salmon fry quickly.