The plot in the village, or I want to nature!

Oh, this great, has become almost an obsession for many Russians, the dream of own country house!Buy today land in the village wants to almost every inhabitant of a large city.Thrust to the ground, planted in our compatriots at the genetic level, in the present day has acquired gigantic proportions.Prices for plots grow the value of their estimated incredible number of zeros.Especially valued the land in the suburbs.It is, in principle, can be explained by the proximity of land capital.And this is due to the number of those wishing to buy land in the cottage, of which today in the Moscow region a great multitude, or in a village located in the vicinity of the metropolis.On the advantages and disadvantages of the land holdings of the Russian province will be discussed in this article.

What good plot in the village En

comfortable cottage or vacation home - what could be better?Here you can relax from a contaminated city, frantic pace of his life, to join the splendor of nature or even to settle permanently.However, not everyone can afford such an expensive purchase, as a finished house, but to buy a plot in the village and build on it gradually albeit small, but own house, afford many.

Today the village - it is not crooked dozen houses where the elderly live his life, but rather a modern settlement, which fully complies with notions of civilized conditions of existence.The houses are equipped with all necessary utilities, comfortable and cozy.Therefore, buying land in the village, you can be sure that the construction will not cause any difficulties - can be connected to gas, water and electricity provided.In addition, in rural areas there will certainly own, and quite a good infrastructure.Shops with a full range of products, dispensaries, or hospitals, pharmacies, schools, cafes, post office, home life - all this is available at the present day almost all small towns.And if you buy a plot in the village from the perspectives (urban resident status changes to the status of provincial), selecting the land it is best to pay attention to those settlements which are located in close proximity to highways.Thanks to this location, you can live in the country, without losing the connection with the capital, which is in many jobs, are friends and relatives.

However, not a single person alive today comfort.Cottage - it's a great opportunity to live and relax in a clean and healthy environment, fresh air, pamper yourself with a variety of good products without nitrates and pesticides.And fishing, hunting, swimming in clear water near Moscow river, hiking in the woods to pick berries and mushrooms!Great view from the window, the possibility of waking up to birdsong, walk barefoot in the dew, and much, much more!What could be better for the tortured constant stress and bustle of a city dweller?Only a life in paradise!