Exercise for the development of clairvoyance

clairvoyance - the ability to penetrate the veil of reality, to see the past and future.Have this ability - means access to endless information and priceless treasuries of the universe, then turn your world into a colorful and very interesting.People with abilities of clairvoyance live a full and rich life.They see, hear, feel and feel infinitely more than the people who see only the three-dimensional world in a conventional "space (here) -time (now)."Almost everyone has the makings of a clairvoyant, which means that with the help of special exercises, anyone can develop the ability of clairvoyance.Below is one of the best exercises.

In this exercise, use the choice fumigant: frankincense, and mountain ash, elderberry and nutmeg.

Throw in a bowl for the fumigation of one portion (pinch) and rowan incense or nutmeg and elderberry.

1st stage.Sit at a distance of 1.5m from the cup, relax and look at the crystal ball or the black mirror, trying not to think about anything, and did not try to see something specific.Just wait patiently, what images will appear on the field of clairvoyance.

These images should be seen within 10 minutes, then take deep breaths before an open window of 5 minutes.The duration of exercise should not exceed 30 minutes.

2 and stage.The next day, repeat the same thing, but without a crystal ball or a black mirror.Try to clearer and more vivid imaginary object to see the third eye, to know every single detail of it as if you would see him with our physical eyes.
If this is successful, the exercise should be stopped.Open window and breathe deeply for 5 minutes.

These two steps are necessary to alternate, ie,1 day performed the 1st stage in the second - stage 2, in the third - Stage 1, the fourth - stage 2, etc.This is necessary for a clear comprehension of the object of contemplation to change the subject to a more complex.

Notes: This exercise is best done in a darkened room, setting the incandescent bulb with a red reflector so that light shines only on the crystal ball.Those who wear glasses should take them off.See a ball must be as if looking through ball into the distance, the eye must be set to infinity.

After a few exercises are not so difficult to manage their eyes.In the future, it will be obtained automatically.

After a while, the ball will begin to flash in different ways, and all of a sudden you start to see something with amazing clarity.It can be a symbol, a word, a whole sentence, any scene with moving people.You will be a spectator, like a movie.There may be images from the past, present and future.If the balloon will live, people familiar to you, then you need to contact them, since they might need your help.

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