How to plan a New Year's Eve, that was not excruciatingly painful

life in general - infinitely muddled.In late December, the chaos intensified: until the last minute you do not know where, how and with whom you will meet another, but it's still the New Year.Moreover, it dominates over you curse their ancestors: how to celebrate - and spend.It is necessary something to do with it ?!

Take a basis of 5 points to be taken into account most of us, and, well denoting their space-time coordinates, draw up a plan meeting the ideal scenario of the New Year.

1. Parents.
2. colleagues.
3. Friends.
4. Man.
5. Cat / Dog / Other.

Scenario 1: "New Year - new luck»

Prolog. heroine (hereinafter referred to it) wakes up from what is simply no longer wants to sleep, and understands that today 31 December of the year, so - on the eve of the New Year.

plot. You hear four phone calls in a row.These are: parents, colleagues, friends, man - they all want to see it today, certainly, and for all she has gifts.

developments. She glances at the coffee table, he lined with beautiful box with tags: mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, love, colleagues, friends, cat.On the big clock, only half past ten in the morning - she has plenty of time to freshen up.The apartment cleanliness, she previously spent cleaning even on weekends.Outside, the cold and the sun, the conclusion - a wonderful day.She goes to the bathroom, then went to the barber shop.Breezing home to feed the cat.

first she decides to visit her parents and give them as much time as they would like.They have a great time, remembers her childhood pranks, note how it has grown and matured, they ask about the little things.Then, in high spirits, she goes to work, where all vying say they are glad to see her.All exchange gifts.Discuss plans for next year.She goes to her friends.With her friends talk about the relationship of man and woman.She goes to the man.

climax. man presents her delightful gift (French perfume, for example), and she told him - too (shaver "Kharkov", with these, as they are flying heads).At midnight, they raise their glasses for a new happiness.He says he loves her.

denouement. morning, they recognized each other that such a wonderful New Year they have never been.

Epilogue. All figures of these events, died in one day previously intermarried.

Scenario 2 "Agony»

Prolog. She sleeps.Please, do not wake.

plot.The phone rings, my mother asked to take her out of the city, as unexpectedly heavy bag, radio promised snowstorm and a blizzard again, and in the end, make mom on New Year's gift.Already have a gift?Well, give it to someone else.Thank you, I knew you were an exemplary daughter.She looks at the clock: "Damn, already half-past nine in the morning."

developments. She runs out into the street in jeans and jacket, in the expectation that a million times more time to go home and change.The engine is warming up for so long that it seems - from harm.Car door opens only after it, as in advertising, poured from a kettle of boiling water on the lock liter.Mom gives final instructions to the dog, Happy New Year and begs not to be bored, and is already sitting in the car, she said that her dog god will not forgive such behavior, and returns the dog.

in my mother's country residence of her friends are forced to drink a glass of vodka for its own health.An hour later, she carries with her grandparents in airport, grandmother asks to go faster because he's afraid of being late, grandfather asked to slow down, because he loves all over accuracy.The car slows guard, it is experiencing the worst hours of his life: it has never chewed just seven pads "Orbit."Fresh breath and restored by paying a fine of 50 rubles (just after New Year's), she sighs with relief when he sees a plane takes to the air.

On the way home, her cell phone rings and a hairdresser sadly asks to cancel today assigned a session - a good reason.She calls in one of the shops in the center, where a grim master warns her that nothing good will come - her hair curly.He cuts her long and fiercely, and then she realizes that she must immediately go on trial pa main role in the movie where the heroine killed in the beginning of the film."She was killed because she was a strange haircut" - critics would say.

She goes to work because cork, beauty salons and the police did their job - for seven nights.

climax. At eleven o'clock she ran along Leningradsky Prospekt and trying to catch a taxi.

Decoupling .This New Year, she met one.Epilogue.Oh, if only ...

's what ends up detailed plans.The collapse of the individual and the whole of the world.Nothing is impossible to guess.No astrological predictions sometimes do not tell, how will a typical day.Last popytka- scenario of the New Year, held in isolation, without loss to the psyche, with gifts - for his lucid mind.

Scenario 3: "The Magic of Solitude»

Prolog. Yesterday you learned that this New Year you will be relaxed and comfortable to meet one in your own apartment.

plot. morning you wake up early, just from the awareness of a very special day.

developments. Do what you really want.Think about it - you are likely to have accumulated a lot of debt to the outgoing year, the most petty domestic affairs: parse out the small casket, call someone who forgot to call the whole year.After all, why there were discrepancies all the heroines of the past two scenarios?Often it seems that everything is under your control, you keep your finger on the pulse of the city, but this time your girlfriend for five months waiting for a baby, and you know and do not suspect.If you now do not want to deal with the backlog of cases, perhaps, they do not need at all.

you do not accidentally pull out of magazines recipes and put them in the kitchen in a separate daddy?Prepare something one, and the rest - emissions.Come into the New Year with a new skill.Or do you have long asked myself, how the hell in English would be "cleaner".Look in the dictionary - enter into the New Year with new knowledge.Tell fortunes, you have long wanted to do.Get dressed as dreamed the whole year to get dressed, but there was no suitable occasion.Think about it - in fact, this year, no one will live for you.Let it be really your year.

climax. You meet this New Year is not one you meet him in harmony with himself.

denouement. Maybe for your good behavior in the morning will be the favorite, just off the plane, and tell you that in New York, for example, before the New Year for another hour.

Epilogue. succeed.Happy New Year!

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