I need a loan?

Loans recently is one of the fastest growing sectors of the financial market.Having survived the first wave of the financial crisis, many banking institutions strengthened and significantly expanded its field of activity.Now it is not necessary to wrestle to get a consumer loan.Agricultural Bank and many other banks in Russia are always ready to provide its services to everyone, but it is distinguished by the presence of several unique programs.

program "Educational┬╗

This loan can be used to pay for education, including the second and profile training in higher and secondary commercial schools - both full-time and correspondence.To issue such a loan, the Agricultural Bank requires certain conditions:

  • minimum age - 14 years;
  • obligatory presence guarantee the legal or physical person;
  • parental consent, if the borrower is less than 18 years.

The maximum period for which you can get the money for this program is 10 years, and the sum - 350 thousand. Rub.The interest rate is 16 or 17.5% per annum - depending on whether the insured borrower's life.The calculation of the solvency is calculated from the officially recorded income customer, his or her parents or family members.You also need to bring certain documents to the Agricultural Bank.Loans are issued with valid passports of the Russian Federation, the application forms for a loan and the statement of earnings for the last six months, certified by the employer from the current official job.

program "Pension┬╗

With this loan elderly people can get a loan of up to 100 thousand rubles for its needs.Such a program is usually held as a purpose consumer credit.Agricultural Bank provides loans of this kind to any citizen of the Russian Federation, located in the state pension security, not reached the age of 75 years.

For the money you need to open a retirement account in one of the branches of the bank and provide:

  • passport;
  • pension certificate;
  • application form;
  • guarantee.

Similarly, you can get 10 thousand. Rub.for up to 5 years at 15% per annum.In the case of life insurance need for collateral or guarantor is no longer the object.

For those who are interested in the amount of the overpayment or payment of the monthly payment for a given rate of interest may be provided such a service as a loan calculator.Rosselkhozbank pleased to provide access to this convenient function on the relevant page of their website.Also here you can find a convenient form of delivery online applications.By filling out and sending it to the manager of the bank, it is possible for a few hours to get a positive or negative response.Now you can not even leaving home, getting a loan.Agricultural Bank is always at the peak of modern technology, and is glad to provide its customers with convenient services on registration, obtaining and repayment of loans.Besides being able to extinguish the loan in cash, there are options for payment through terminals and online banking through electronic currencies.