When the celebrated name day Artem?

Artyom Name comes from the name of the goddess Artemis, who was the patroness of childbirth and fertility.In the ancient world such thing as a birthday party, did not exist.It appeared in Russia in the seventeenth century and has a history of Catholic-Orthodox origin.It is believed that the name day - a day of remembrance of a certain saint, and a man wearing an appropriate name could that day to celebrate the memory.Particularly relevant were the pre-revolutionary name-day period when the person received the name of the church during the ceremony of baptism, and with it - the patron saint in heaven.

Artem Name Day celebrated several times a year.Firstly, January 17 - on this date remembered one of the seventy apostles whom Jesus chose twelve major addition.Among them are Listriysky Bishop Artemije.He preached in Listarhe.It mentions among the messengers St. Paul.Re saint commemorated on 12 November.

Second on February 26 and 13 November is the day of the righteous Palestinian Artem.Third, name Artem celebrated the sixth of April in memory of the holy Artemia, bishop of Thessalonica.He was the apostle Paul put the first bishop of Seleucia and to old age care of his flock, protecting the poor and persecuted.

Unlike previous date, May 12 birthday party celebrated in honor of Artem Artem Kizichesky martyr, who was killed among the nine supporters of Christ in the city of Cyzicus, which dominated pagan beliefs.Their relics subsequently been many miraculous healings, and in Russia close to Kazan was built in their honor monastery.

July 6th birthday party Artyom noted in connection with the name of the boy Artem Verkolsky, which is highly revered saints in the north of Russia.It was painful and kind boy, who in 12 years have taken to heaven by a lightning strike.His body was found incorrupt, a shining rays, thirty two years after the funeral outside the cemetery (the storm killed at that time were not buried in the churchyard).Over the years, the power of the boy were on the porch of the temple, which have revealed many wonders and healings.He was later canonized.Also, the name day of the church calendar Artem in honor of the saint celebrated the second of November.

second of November also remember another martyr named Artyom.Artemius was a great general under the Emperor Constantine the Great.When the government changed, and he began to reign on the throne pagan Julian Artemy against him.Then the commander arrested, brutally tortured and finally beheaded.Artemy predicted the death of the emperor, who in a battle with the Persians was wounded invisible arms and dying, said: "Thou hast conquered, O Galilean!ยป

more marked when the events associated with the name of Artem?Name day (name day), is it possible to celebrate several times a year.However, we must remember that the day of the angel, in accordance with a strict interpretation of the church - is the date of the adoption of the sacraments of Baptism, which does not always coincide with the days of the veneration of saints.