How to get a cash loan without income?

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no secret that most of the Russian population lives off loans.This is a direct consequence of the international economic crisis, in which millions of Russians into poverty and hundreds of banks - bankrupt.In recent years, the Government of the Russian Federation is actively developing laws governing the work of these organizations and protecting the rights of ordinary depositors and borrowers.At the moment, the most popular version of the loan - a cash loan without income, who gladly will execute at any bank with the appropriate department.Each client focuses on different parameters of the loan issued: one design speed is important, the other - the maximum amount that can be obtained, and the third - a minimum package of documents.

today to issue a cash loan without income is incredibly simple.It is enough to bring the document to the bank 2:

  1. passport with a valid residence permit in the region of the location of the head office or a branch of a credit institution.
  2. second identity document of the borrower.

Although the "get" cash loan without income and guarantors is quite simple, the borrower will have to agree to pay the exorbitant rates - up to 70% per annum.Such a large overpayment connected with the desire of the bank to neutralize their own risks.The maximum amount that can be obtained in a way defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation and one and a half million. Rubles. But in a rare bank can receive more than 500 thousand. Rub.The same situation with the maximum period for which you can get a loan.The law, he is 5 years old, but in reality is rarely someone can arrange a program for more than six months.To obtain the necessary cash loan without income in excess of $ 500 thousand. Rub.will have to provide the banking organization signature of the guarantor or guaranty facility.

limits Cash loans:

  • with only two documents - one and a half million. Rub .;
  • in the presence of a guarantee and collateral object in the form of a car - a half million. Rubles.up to three million. rub .;
  • the presence of collateral in the form of property (apartment, private house or land) - up to ten million. Rubles.

to take a cash loan without income, do not even have to visit a bank branch.It is enough to visit the official website of the organization and a special statement, filling it, send to the manager.Within two hours of the bank over the phone will notice the rejection or approval of the application.After that you need to visit any branch of the selected bank and present the originals of these documents.It should be remembered that the banking organization has every right to reject the application and not to give cash loan without income after consideration of all submitted papers.

is worth remembering that, making out a loan, the customer agrees to pay sometimes up to 70% per annum.Therefore it is necessary to understand exactly why you need the money.If the need for them is small, it is much better to collect the full set of documents to obtain "soft" credit conditions and a decent amount for the long term.