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Corporate business cards, brochures, corporate identity

Paper , material for printing business cards are very important in terms of emphasizing the image of the company, maintaining the corporate identity, it is not only the media contact information.Of course, card can be created on plain paper, plastics, synthetics.However, none of these materials can not be compared with hallmark , created in noble paper.Many companies involved in specific business, seeking to have the representative products, emphasizing their activity.For example, a financial services company it is advisable to make a printed matter on paper "strict", but expensive type.Of course, the business card is important to all - from the design to the choice of paper and printing method.Not only competent design, and design paper will really help to make the business card special, different from the others.Only by using expensive, high-quality paper can get the desired result.

At the moment there is a huge range of paper

high quality manufacturing cards .This group includes a paper standard paper, textured, colored cardboard, pearl paper, metallic, as well as touch cover (Touche Cover).Paper can be tinted color.

The group includes a standard paper coated paper and paper "linen".They can be absolutely white and tinted shades of all colors.Most of the standard paper perform simple, not requiring a small refinement, wearing a purely informative nature.This option is the most inexpensive and suitable when there are doubts about the customer in the choice of paper. order to design business cards, "non-standard" type of paper used, as a rule, to give exclusive representative products. colored cardboard - thick paper is a variety of colors and shades.Particularly popular shades of gray, beige, blue, red.

strong & gt; textured paper - coated and embossed with the touch of your finger gives the feeling expressed by the invoice.In this embodiment, one can also find a huge number of solutions using the paper surface mikrovelvet, brocade, fabric, leather, felt, matting, canvas, comb and others.Business card printed on this paper will always stand out with their uniqueness.

strong & gt; is a metallic paper with metallic surface, having the effect of metallic luster, stardust.The color of platinum, gold, tungsten, diamonds, white marble for creative professionals.

strong & gt; Pearl paper has a pearl gleam and many shades.It can be performed with a different texture, for example, such as a mesh embossing.When light rays fall on the surface, it acquires a different shade.It is very original and brilliant surface gives it a mystical mystery.Frequently used colors of diamond, silver and ivory.In this type of paper is excellent exercise printing of business cards both classic and modern designs.

strong & gt; Paper Touche Cover pleasant to the touch, very plastic, has a matte finish.The unusual surface structure creates unusual tactile sensations, recalling the soft skin.Card card looks very expensive.

Trust production of business cards of high quality, truly design paper must be professionals who approach her choice, taking into account all the properties, characteristics of the coating and paint.Different types of paper requires an individual approach to the process of printing on it.Sometimes production of business cards to design paper performed for special occasions.Choosing the right design paper - an important point in order to achieve the expected result, conceived the idea.This product is out of paper carries the promise of a certain gesture or the person taking it into their own hands.