How to grow a crystal and give your child a good mood?

development of children - it is a serious and often difficult process.And it is difficult by the fact that it is very difficult to keep the child's attention, to convince him of the need to listen carefully and to absorb a lot of information, that it will seem silly.For this reason, no matter how much the child did not have years to play with him.And even at an older age children do not cease to love entertainment, so the learning process should be entertaining, it should get involved.

experiment or experience - this is what the children want.They like everything to pass through himself, to feel its creators feel the supremacy rather than a secondary part.Let the children alone to do something, you can expect a response, pronounced thirst for knowledge.

Following this methodology to attract children to learn, you can tell them how to grow a crystal yourself at home.We just need to show them pictures or have already grown crystal, and they light up and the house will boil the water for your experiment.

crystals are grown from the salt, for this you can use any of its kind.In describing the process, there is no difference in how to grow a crystal of copper sulfate or sodium chloride, is a different color of the future of the crystal.The rest of the process of crystal growth is unchanged.Its something and describe.

In order to grow a crystal, you must first prepare a small crystal of a grain of sand and attach it to the thread.This is done in order to continue to stick to the salt crystals form growths and making the wonder of nature more every day.Once the crystal of a thread on one end and a stick - the other is ready, you can start preparing the solution.

studying how to grow a crystal of salt, it is important to get acquainted with the process of preparation of the solution.For this purpose, ordinary water is added and stirred until the salt completely dissolved.Sol continue to add up until it is no longer dissolve.Once the salt begins to settle on the bottom, to be placed on a jar with a solution of the stove and heated.As the temperature increases, the settled salt starts to dissolve.Telling children how to grow a crystal, one can focus on the fact that the concentrated brine salt starts to dissolve at a certain temperature that is above room temperature.

Once all the salt is dissolved in water, the solution should be moved to a place that is not external influences, that is where the future will not give in to the crystal vibration.As soon as the solution to the future of the crystal is placed in a secluded place, it should be placed on a string tied crystal, and cover all the cover.At this point, explaining to the child how to grow a crystal, it is necessary to recall the evaporation that occurs as a bank with brine, and around the world with all the ponds.

How to grow a crystal, it became clear.It remains only to wait for the crystallite appear on the first growths.Do not forget that a solution must be constantly updated to allow crystals to grow more rapidly.The main thing that the salt in the solution does not get any smaller.

If a child wants to grow a crystal of a different color, it is necessary to tell him that the salt is not always clear in color.There are other types of salt, for example copper sulphate, by which grow blue crystals.So the child will be able to form a more complete picture of the world and try to see the difference in practice.

Parents should not forget that every child is curious, drawn to new and unexplored, is simply opened the door to a vast world and make it you need a bright, colorful and interesting.The only way a child wants to learn more and more, spending fascinating experiments.