Weevil giraffe.

unique weevil insect-giraffe - an unusual inhabitant of the earth, a celebrity in the world of animals.The incredible popularity of the beetle was due to the unusual structure.Abnormally long neck and clumsy, fancifully bent legs, reminiscent of the structure of spider legs, gave an unusual insect species.Brightly colored long-necked beetle with elytra look like a weird alien creature.

This kind of beetles found in 2008.Information about him is almost none.The area is quite small insects.However, scientists believe that the population is not at risk, and is not on the verge of extinction.Natural enemies have a giraffe weevil, has not yet been found.

Appearance weevil beetle giraffe

We describe the look-giraffe weevil.Neck beetles so long that sometimes longer than the body of insects.However, this observation is valid only for males.Neck shorter than the females every two or three.The bugs grow to a length of 2.5 centimeters.

Beetles painted in contrasting colors.Their body, legs and head are black and elytra shine bright red.With such a war paint it is difficult to overlook.Especially when they leave the trees, crawling, relax and bask in the sun, having got to the side of the road or open towns.

origin of the name in the realm of mammals, there is one long-necked animal - giraffe.By analogy with it (because of its enormously long neck), and the beetle was the original name - giraffe weevil.The rest is nothing in common between a giraffe and insects there.Nature simply once again surprised humanity craftsmanship to create incredible things.In Latin, its name sounds like Trachelophorus giraffa .

area of ​​distribution

beetle homeland - the island of Madagascar, located near the east coast of Africa.Lives insect on trees in the dense forests, protracted Ranomafana National Park.The island is isolated from the mainland by ocean waters, to prevent the spread of populations.These scientists explain the appearance of unusual creatures only on its territory.

Beetle Weevil giraffe, apparently, like other Madagascan endemics are not able to overcome the water hazard, so in any other part of the world does not occur.Although there is evidence that this species of beetle found in New Zealand.However, individuals living in Madagascar, much prettier and more interesting.

marriage and reproduction period

If giraffes long neck needed to pluck leaves from the trees, the bugs, it is necessary at all for any other purpose.For males elongated neck, in fact, military weapons and handy tool to create a "cradle" a single cub.

In the mating season the male, as it should be, fighting with rivals for the right to possession of the female.Lady patiently waiting for the end of the battle between the contenders.Progeny, she will lead a fight with the winner.Weevil giraffe never fights to the death.

Male leaflet carefully folds, giving it the shape of a barrel.The jack-tube female lays only one egg.Such kegs cradle-making and other kinds of beetles belonging to the family Attelabidae.Feature form for posterity houses served as the family name - Attelabidae.Next, tell us more about the classification.

family weevils

Insect Weevil giraffe belongs to the family of weevils.As the name suggests the beetle, it would be logical to include it in the family of weevils.However, it differs from the members of this family.

And some confusion in the title and classification arose from the fact that the weevils are similar in appearance with individual weevils.It differs from the giraffe weevil-species of the family Curculionidae shape of the head, pronotum, legs and whiskers.

Features Power

in eating giraffe weevil is very picky and choosy.It could be called a gourmet.Individuals prefer to eat leaves two small trees - Dichaetanthera cordifolia and Dichaetanthera arborea , which spend most of their time.

leves of the trees they use for the construction of the house, where the females lay eggs.At first, it provides a cradle tube-powered offspring.Females houses-rolled kegs that Young could get food.