Fast check-in "Yandex".

Electronic money today have become as commonplace as plastic cards.The only difference is that to pay for services and purchases with virtual accounts is much easier and faster, and most importantly - safer than a credit card.Even easier is their registration."Yandex" - one of the most popular payment systems.How to open the wallet in the system and how to use them?Let us learn step by step.

How to make a purse on "Yandex┬╗

This is a very simple process.To begin open the main page of the browser and go to the tab "Yandex.Money. "Register purse begins with the command "Open the wallet."Click - get to the page where you enter your login in the system, existing or new, password, mobile phone number, name, captcha.By the way, the name and surname of the real needs, the passport, it can be useful when making payments, as well as the restoration of access to the purse in case of loss of control over it.The handset comes confirmation code to be entered in the appropriate box.Identify need and email address, which will come to all posts of account.At the same time, the system creates for you a new account for the use of the account.

final step

At this stage is to accept the user agreement, which completes the registration."Yandex" reported the opening of the account on the next page.Here, in the left menu, there is a number of a purse of 18 digits.In the center of the box - congratulations on the opening of the account and the message that its binding to the specified e-mail sent the letter.You need to go to your e-mail address and confirm.Now you have an account in "Yandex".Register - provided free of charge.

How to use purse

On the balance of the new purse is $ 0.The account can be recharged at any terminal, the best in the shops "Euroset" and "The Messenger" - where all the operations are made without commission.On the monitor, you need to select "E-money", then - "Yandex" in the window that opens, enter the number of the purse, then make money.On the phone, and almost immediately will receive a message on the replenishment of accounts.

There is another option - to bind to the account bank cards VISA or MasterCard.This can be done on the same page, where it is registered."Yandex" at any time to recharge the card.To bind the need to go to the tab "Snap card" and complete all the steps.The bank will require a password and confirmation by SMS.Manage account is possible through mobile applications.

best solution would be to order online map "Yandex".It is not virtual, and MasterCard PayPass full premium, which can pay not only virtual, but also off-line stores.It is an order on the page of - ready registered card will be delivered to the user by mail.

For what you can pay, "Yandex" -Money

list of possible payments in the system, without exaggeration, is huge.Once the registration is confirmed, "Yandex" is money (after the deposit, of course) can be used:

  • for payment receipts for taxes, utilities, traffic police fines;
  • to pay for phone, Internet, television;
  • for shopping in online stores;
  • to buy games and social networking;
  • for purchase online books, movies, programs for PCs, antivirus software, and so on. Etc .;
  • to pay for air and rail tickets, tours, hotels;
  • to pay for hosting and domain, and more.

Do I need a user "Yandex" -koshelek?Rhetorical question: of course, you need!As with everything that makes life easier and more comfortable.Payment System "Yandex" - one of those opportunities.