Quotes about men: if you are a representative of a strong half of humanity, these tales about you

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«men to be?It must be earned!Heroism il labor, il only one thing: a woman love the spring and autumn - Fatherland.Winter comes and you - cool.And people will say - he was a man, "- said the poet in fifteen years.And in 22 has cooled.Tosca.What a life?He, too, was in fact a man.This modern poetic statements about men.They are not more than 10 years, but they are very similar utterances thousands of years ago.The tone of their remains unchanged - the sublimely sad."No one came back, and the men go.Beautiful and calm their way.Fatherland not hold prayers.It is guarded by men. "Omar Khayyam.It is written in a very religious time.The concept of "man" lifted up to the level of a great poet of God.For such a sacrilege in those days it was possible to lose the head.But he was a man.

Men currently

these great statements about men strict and demanding."Courage can be fussy, but it is not to face the man" - teaches the old warrior, who raised young son in the poem "Shahnama" Ferdowsi.And there is no compromise.In Lermontov's poem "The Fugitive" even his mother does not accept the house Gorun coward who "ran faster doe from the field, where blood flowed in Chechnya."Near the threshold of the house the dogs lick his blood.The great Russian poet enthusiastically tells this story.His ethical sense on the side of his mother, who has stolen the heart from your own child.

women about men

Women's World paradoxical.It is filled with mysterious, fickle and deceptive light.Russian song: "I love the one who loves, but will go to someone who is dear heart" just this deceptive world of paradoxes.Many women say about men, their envelop ambiguous statements."What comes to me, my dear, will tell the truth.He paused to.How do I love him? "- Ural ditty.Until it does not make sense to get a straight male mind.A woman is smiling and everyone understands.

In their world, but love for the man, almost no men.It is often a guest who does not know how to behave.He was glad, and he said why do not the topic, and not doing what was expected of him."I was waiting for him, waiting, waiting, and he again came sullen.We were used to it we have the case, if it was less sweet thought. "Sensuality of the song is transparent, but the following ditty everything turns upside down: "I was waiting for him, waiting, waiting.Would you, dear, thought more.Well, what is there to do?People are waiting, do not like that. "

And in the world of adult women a positive image of men as if not at all.Irony and contempt."As a husband in the field, in the house - quiet.A back - silence. "No, just to say that in the sense hidden in the word "silence", which is opposed to the word "quiet"!Here puzzles bigger than in Hittite writings.

Sages of men

In the ancient Vedic hymns, a collection of wise sayings men is somewhere in the sixth part of the total book.4/6 of the book is given to the gods, and the remaining part of the sixth - a hymns everything else.Later statements went to the world and ended up in the mouth and mules Nasreddin, and "Faust" by Goethe.

«The man met the mighty can lay his head, but no more.Before the woman he should fall on his knees, "- sung in the old days.How many interpretations of this idea spread throughout the world?"The man is stubborn and passionate.In this he is like the gods "- this from a different hymn.But the wisdom of Mullah Nasreddin: "A man must be a donkey and a stallion - stubborn and passionate."Such statements about men wander about the world, and it is often impossible to establish authorship.

«break the chains and break your heart - for the man are one and the same.Shackle he imposes on his heart voluntarily "- this wisdom can be applied to many situations in life: to relations with women, and relatively big ideas."The man looks back to the past to understand the future, and not vice versa," - a great idea about how a man must think, but not the boy.

Mankind Mankind is divided into two equal parts - for men and women.All the rest does not count and is debris on the course of life of mankind.This is what narrate the most beautiful statements about men.Although ugly words about men not, unless they lie."Being a man to - it means to be a need for people", - he said at the time of Socrates.The idea of ​​a beautiful and deep because it is itself a man, as an animal, insofar as necessary to mankind.Just one producer on hundreds of women, so that humanity does not become extinct.So it is really necessary - it is really spiritual, the inner workings of man.

«Immortality in the affairs of men and women in the womb," - said in the "nature of things" Carr Lucretius.This statement philosopher wrote in the section "About how are born, live and die by the river," where all of humanity compared to the river, women - with its beaches, and men - with the flow.The image of majestic.The beauty of it is beyond the words themselves.These must be true and beautiful statement about men in which a man is not separated from the women and all humanity.And many aphorisms claim to beauty and meaning contain a negligible amount.

meaning of grace, words of fearful

Mankind constantly reflects on himself, and statements about men is valuable from that point of view.All sorts of jokes with the claims are fearful of words that are accepted into the everyday life of society just because the words that carry meaning, require the brain.A Word also indulge human sloth.Quote as it is, it can be present in society, demonstrating his erudition.However, "false man will never set itself" - sung in the ancient hymn.