Smug and active Polina (secret name)

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By temperament Polina - excitable nervous choleric.Smug, he considers himself very clever not against others, who tend to be considered a complete ignoramus.I never lose faith in yourself, even in defeat.She has enough deep intuition.

susceptible to other people's views and opinions, but do not accept the faith.Prone to soul-searching and self-blame.For myself, it generates vital rules and strictly adhere to them.

Polina always gives the impression of a very active person.Blindly trust his mind, sometimes it fails.Very kind, friendly, sympathetic, unselfish, not envious.In matters of thorough and reliable.Always come to the aid of friends and relatives, not leave them in the lurch.This woman is not able to hurt anyone intentionally, but his neck will not allow to sit down.

Pauline pathologically not tolerate hypocrisy, hypocrisy and lies.Fantastically neat.Wonderful hostess, thrifty, not tranzhirka.For her, the interests of her husband and children more than anything else.To a great career does not seek, trying to work as close as possible to home.He dislikes change.Tied to the place, the people and familiar surroundings.Frequently lifetime works on one and the same place.The duties related with great responsibility and enjoys credibility with subordinates, supervisors and colleagues.

very sociable.It knows how to take care of friends when they are not easy.

Polina great hard worker, does not tolerate lazy opportunists.Sufficient practical minds, their interests, too, do not forget.She always need success in life.Always seeks to capture the two birds.Professional success reaches in journalism, in management positions in the advertising agent in the service sector, in manufacturing.

nervous system is unstable.On health affects mental state.Quickly gets tired and it needs a long rest and sleep.He likes to surround himself with people of both pleasant and useful.

Outwardly charming.Pauline wears a mask of coldness and restraint, but in fact it is sexy and sensual.If the companion of her life will be harmonious sexy man, never betray her husband.But it is rarely found a perfect partner.

Married, especially the first, are always lucky.Even Zaimov lover never divorces her husband because of the children, which is very fond of, and care for their physical and moral development.As a rule, it is a small and fragile woman, but is able to tame the tiger, to besiege the rough and ill-mannered man, shame cad.

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