Libra and Scorpio: Zodiac signs compatibility

Horoscope Compatibility Libra and Scorpio says that the life of this pair will never be monotonous.It will be both negative and positive incidents connected with their characters.

Scorpio: the main thing.

Scorpio - very strong-willed and zodiac sign.He is stubborn and secretive, easily dominates the other and shamelessly use their addiction.He's incredibly sexy and is a true symbol of the erotic.Scorpio can be aggressive, but typical Scorpions good control of their emotions.Both men and women of this sign are always fatal to individuals of the opposite sex, to forget them is extremely difficult, even if they just flashed in your life.

scales: the main thing.

balance - this is a very pleasant and nice people, open to friendship and love.Um, they combine with naivety, they often feel uncertain, but always able to achieve harmony and soul, and life.Libra mood changes frequently, but no one will argue that they are very charming.Scales do not like to rush into extremes and seek to reach an understanding.

Libra and Scorpio: Zodiac signs compatibility

views on life, interests and aspirations of these two characters is really little to do, you can not argue with that.So, in a pair of scales and Scorpio compatibility is impossible?Statistics show that people rarely do these signs can create strong alliances.

On the one hand, the unpredictable behavior of the Scorpio attracts Libra, because they very much appreciate the interesting things, like Libra Scorpio's passion, his zeal and ability to love deeply.However, they Libra quite playful and changeable, and Scorpio in love is hurt badly.A wounded Scorpion turns into a very dangerous predator ...

Libra and Scorpio: Compatibility characters if Libra - man and Scorpio - woman.

Scales - it is a sign that is ruled by Venus, so the men of this sign is soft and vulnerable creatures able to sympathize and empathize.Libra man is very charming, before they smile seldom what woman can resist.The trouble is that the number of these rare women just were women Scorpions.Scorpions are very perceptive, they immediately notice the true nature of phenomena.And if the balance is not too sincere, Scorpio woman will understand it instantly.However, the Scorpio woman is rightly called fatal, so that Libra was originally started serious, quite unexpectedly for them may turn into a very serious feeling.

Libra man seeking marriage based on friendship.On the one hand such a marriage creates a sense of stability, on the other - does not impose serious limitations.However, the Scorpio woman can not imagine marriage without limitation, Libra what remains to be seen.Lady Scorpio - owner and revnivitsa that does not tolerate variability and change, and the man-balance with his charm will always be a subject of interest for women.And for him it can be really dangerous, because the Scorpions, regardless of gender, creating a very vindictive and did not miss an occasion to sting.Scorpio woman in love is true and honest, in addition, it is very sexy, that the complex becomes irresistible magnet for Libra.

However, the strength of this alliance will strongly affect what Scorpios are very sensitive to insults, and Libra will be extremely difficult no hurt her.

Libra and Scorpio: Compatibility characters if Libra - woman and Scorpio - man.

Scorpio man simply can not fail to impress at first glance at the woman any sign of the zodiac.And she did not even realize that it was so hooked.Woman Libra will be no exception.Scorpio as it will attract elegance, refined taste and manners.And as soon as they realize that they share a commitment to justice, it seems that they have found their fate.

Alas, all is not so simple.Peace and sense of stability in this pair will never happen.They will constantly mad rush between passion and equally furious disgust.Scorpio can today declare his love, and tomorrow - cruel to laugh at his companion.For women, a weight ratio is unbearable.To these conflicts have led to the divorce, Libras have to adapt and embark on a variety of tricks.While it would have obtained it, Scorpio will be on time, all happy.But there is another danger lurking - in such a situation, he quickly bored.Male Scorpio does not like to be bored, he needs emotion, passion, and even small skirmishes to his liking.

only woman ready for life balance on your passions and feminine charm, able to keep a marriage afloat Libra and Scorpio.Sexual compatibility of these characters is quite high, in spite of the mood swings typical of Libra.