How to play with the child - 14 basic rules

has long been proven that games develop children realize their intellectual and creative abilities, help them to understand the world and themselves.

In this sense, the best associates and partners toddler games (especially - in so-called "developing") - it's his parents.We offer you 14 simple rules of the game with a child, developed by experts.

basic rules of the game with a child:

1. Try the game pleased the child and yourself, remember that the baby gets pleasure from the process and the game, and their success in it.Rejoice with him, praise him.

2. The child may be interested in the game, but make sure that it is not fed up with it, do not force him to play "all the way", let him play as long as he likes and wants.

3. Do not kid insulting remarks about his mental or physical abilities, try no to offend him.If he can not play this game, or any other offer to switch his attention to other pursuits.

4. Remember that the whole point of developing games is that the child takes care of all tasks.So do not kid tells allow himself to think, make decisions and mistakes, to realize their mistakes.The only way a child can develop gradually coping with increasingly difficult tasks.

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5. Difficulty game and its challenges for the child, you can understand some, try them for yourself - before giving baby.

6. At the beginning of the game have to be lighter tasks with which the child cope.A successful start to awaken his interest in the game.

7. If you see a kid with something not cope in the game, then you have misjudged his ability at this level of development.Change the task or game, take a break, and a few days later to return to the game and start with easier tasks.You can also allow the child to choose the job of forces - not interfere, and do not rush it.

8. One of your main tasks - to monitor the child's development and success in the games, according to decide what to offer him new challenges.

9. Remember that children are rapidly changing their hobbies: if the kid bored some game, leave it for a couple of months, and then as if by chance, remind him about it or show it off to another child in your presence.It is possible that your child will be happy to return to a familiar game.

10. Board games - especially with small details (mosaics, homemade, game-model) should be protected - keep them in a visible but not very accessible to the child's place.This not only save the game, but also allows your child to want and to ask you to play it with him.

11. The youngest children are particularly fond of, when adults enliven the game stories and fairy tales, and give the names of the characters and elements of the game.Unleash your imagination, and the baby carried away game.

12. Children tend to be more developed their quality depends on their interest in a particular game.For example, inactive, brooding child can not be tempted by mobile games, and more energetic, restless child will be difficult and boring to collect mosaic.

13. During the game should be a relaxed atmosphere, the child can openly and freely express their emotions and make yourself comfortable.Do not interfere with him to show their feelings - because children are reckless and emotionally.

14. With older children, you can already organize competitions for speed, the solution of problems in a given game.Do not be afraid to lose your child - your credibility will suffer, but not Accompany him, do not be - children feel it.