IP-TV - a new generation of digital television

IP-TV is probably the most convenient and modern way of viewing television.Unlike standard types of digital TV (cable, satellite and terrestrial), IP-TV is fully interactive service.IP-TV - are individual, personal network, which users choose their preferred content.Limitations in terms of number of channels of such networks do not have.However, this is not the only advantage of the TV.

See any channels where you are comfortable

All users of such networks are able to watch any TV shows on a normal TV and on the computer screen.In addition, it provides a huge variety of additional services and features.Thus, only IP-TV makes it possible to simultaneously transmit multiple channels.

High quality

In terms of picture and sound quality IP-TV has no equal.To transfer data using modern technologies - protocols that allows at minimum cost to get a great result.

not need any additional connections

Connection IP-TV does not require you of any additional cables, wires - broadcasting is through an ordinary cable Internet.

Support older televisions

Some people believe that the ability to connect IP-TV supports only the most expensive modern TVs.However, it is not.Almost all manufacturers make their models specialized consoles setting that you can enjoy the use of IP-TV.The cost of a set-top box, of course, much lower than the price of a new TV.In some models, by the way, it has already built (read the instructions - there is always indicated).

package of channels to suit all tastes

Companies providing its users with such services as IP-TV is usually made up of various channel packages that may interest different people.This mixed packages and special - for example, a package of children's channels, sports, educational or news.Some also offer the ability to create and calculate the cost of the individual package.

How to connect the IP-TV?

You can choose to purchase a set-top box for the TV and router and customize them.Nowadays, however, many Internet service providers offer their customers connected and correctly set up new equipment for a very small price.Therefore, in order to be 100% sure that everything is working properly, it is better to entrust this task to specialists.You can connect an IP-TV through a router on the Wi-Fi.To do this, open the configuration of the router and enable the WMM - it is necessary to improve the quality of data transmission and destination prioritize traffic types.Other settings in this change is not recommended - is already registered in the system optimal parameters for WMM.

How much is IP-TV?

cost of connecting such a service should be specified specifically for each provider.However, it is believed that IP-TV - one of the most affordable in this regard television formats.On average, for the connection and use all the features of IP-TV you will need to pay extra 100-200 rubles.per month.Agree: for the highest quality video, audio and the ability to choose the channels that are of interest for you, it's quite a bit.