Production guide

manufacturing instructions - a situation that reflects the entire spectrum of relations developing between the employee organization and its products, as well as the technical work that is going on in the enterprise.For certain specialists develop individual job regulation.All items of this provision into account the many sides of the process.With the increase of the value of the complex and dangerous factors of production manual reflects the growing number of regulatory documents.

official position has the versatility to have certain types of standard.Manufacturing instructions, due to the fact that it is based on a large number of legislative acts, prevents stray descriptions of technological processes.The documents, which are used in the development of official positions for various specialties, regulate the professional activities of employees.These features are reflected in the form of productive behavior, which, in turn, is made in the form of production instructions.The main purpose of this document is:

- coverage of comprehensive guidelines and rules of working with stationary mechanical systems having start-up and installation of both manual and automatic character;

- establishment of requirements concerning the value of workload for each specific profession;

- determining the overall level of vibration;

- an indication of the magnitude of the heat exposure, which is calculated on the basis of their seasons, as well as the duration of these effects, etc.

Production guide reflects one of the essential factors of production - the severity of employment.It is based on the knowledge of the mass of goods which is necessary to lift and move manually.To calculate the severity of professional activities necessary to the definition and dynamic load produced by the body worker for one shift.The unit of this parameter is weight.The severity of the labor process is defined for those employees who are engaged in physical activity.

in manufacturing instructions prescribed the right of employees to professional activity under conditions that meet the requirements of labor protection.According to the Labour Code, employees of state guarantees are established.Simultaneously, the tenant responsibility to prescribing provide a safe environment and compliance with labor protection requirements.The Labour Code prescribes the need for monitoring and supervision of the execution state of prescriptive actions.At the same time, this legislative act establishes the responsibility for violation of requirements for industrial relations.These provisions are reflected in the job descriptions of specialists.

production regulations represent minimum standards, which are designed to provide employees with special clothing and footwear, and personal protective equipment.This provision is mandatory for a safe working environment and should not be broken or the employer or the employee.

Job descriptions can serve as annexes to contracts of employment.At the same time, they can be approved as a separate document.Those of job descriptions (typically these functions are assigned to the personnel department of the enterprise), have the right to apply the advice of experts.In our work, you can also enjoy numerous regulations.So, on the basis of an employment agreement and in full accordance with the Labour Code and other legislative acts that regulate relations in the sphere of labor, drawn up a job description and working foreman, master and economist, director and chief accountant, etc.