Dream book.

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Dreams Car interpreted as upcoming life changes.It can also symbolize your plans and features that you will use for the intended purpose.

Seeing a dream in which you are driving a car, says that you are serious will advance to the target and you manage to escape from difficult situations and problems.If you ride gives you pleasure, then everything in life will be successful.If you dreamed of a machine that is someone else that gives you discomfort, you should expect the appearance of a person having control over your situation.Most likely, such a situation you are not completely satisfied, but the intended goal becomes unattainable.

lot of cars in the dream symbolizes the new project that you prefer and feel the inner anxiety and distress.But if you do not turn away, and would bring the matter to an end, such work will be very useful and will bring you good profit, interprets the dream book.The car with the engine running and the driver's cabin in the absence foretells you difficulties in your endeavors.If the driver sitting in the car, you can help friends in dealing with difficult situations.

dream in which an unknown force pulls you into the car, portends trouble, loss or damage from new transactions.Sleep gives you a chance to reconsider the reality of working relationships and refuse to cooperate with dubious organizations and individuals.

broken car promises to result in the loss of another big quarrel.Seeing the old machine, but that can go, foretells enemies who will take malicious action against you to take your condition.Be careful, advises dream book.The car seen in the courtyard - an unexpected profit.

car theft says about your fears.On a subconscious level, you will experience for new deals and are afraid to face the difficulties.Only the fear of the totally unjustified, but prevent you to go into full operation.After such a dream you should calm down and tune in a good mood.But do not forget about vigilance.It is better to prepare yourself mentally for possible difficulties to meet their strong spirit.

Learn to drive the car of your dreams says about improving life.Also, you want to dominate and control others.If you do not know in real life drive, but in the dream she deftly manage it speaks about your lack of confidence in their own abilities and low self-esteem.Look to yourself and get rid of possible complexes.

Dream book treats the car as violence sexual or physical nature, if in a dream you knocked transport.This abuse will be carried out by someone you know, you refuse to give up or in an intimate relationship.Be careful.

Seeing a dream in which you just sit in the car and drive, says that your dreams do not come true, interprets the dream book.The vehicle in this case reflects you and your behavior.That is, you made no attempt to achieve their goals, so you will remain in the same place.