Dream interpretation: what dreams bee

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As you know, many people Bee has always been a symbol of hard work, diligence, thrift and saving.On the hard-working people even say "working like a bee."But what to think when we saw this insect in a dream?In this article we will try to understand what rastolkovanie dreams about bees give different popular dream books.

What dreams bee : Dream Miller

This dream book says that dreamed bees are harbingers of successful and lucrative deals.If these industrious insects dreamed supervisor or commander, his subordinates during work or service to be very obedient and disciplined.If you saw a dream business man, it will be successful in business and steady earnings growth.If bees dreamed of parents, their children will be pleased with his diligence, obedience and good study.If you dream insect stung you, in real life may quarrel or even loss.If during sleep you are trying to escape from a whole swarm of bees, in the near future you will not have health problems.

What dreams bee : esoteric dream book

According to the dream book, a bee in a dream, as in real life, is a symbol of a measured daily hard work.If you had a dream that the insect stung you, then there is a risk of losing their jobs, or to conclude a disadvantageous deal for you.If you dream of a beehive or apiary, your honest work will bring you joy, satisfaction, and stability.

Why dream of a bee: dream interpretation Freud

This dream book states that if a girl or woman had a swarm of bees, she is destined meeting with a man who will see it as a partner for sex.A woman such a role, most likely, will not hold and oppress, so such relationships will not bring her joy.

What dreams bee : Dream Book XXI century

According to the dream book if in a dream over your head hovering bees, in real life you in the near future awaitssuccess, victory or triumph.If a man dreams that he is the owner of the apiary, in his life, he would earn a honest living, and family life will always be harmonious.If you dream you see a swarm of bees attacked, it could serve as a precursor to the disease.If you dream that you kill a bee, then get ready for the appearance of interference and obstacles in your way.Seen beehive with insects is a symbol of success in business and prosperity.If the hive is empty, it is possible that you will find a punishment for some acts that you did not commit.If you dream of swarming bees and anxious, the failure to face reality conceived.If a young woman in a dream insect stings, it is likely that in the near future she will become pregnant.

Why dream of bees: the dream book Hasse

If you dream you saw a bee, expect unpleasant news.Catch The Bees symbolize restore order in their own backyard.If you had a sting, you may receive an unexpected profit.Buzzing bees at work is a symbol of hope that come true in the near future.