Nail Design "Halloween Magic" from ORLY: Step by Step

the night from October 31 to November 1, the world plunged into a mad mystery and foreboding exciting holiday of dark forces - halloween!That evening, all trying to outdo each other in fabulous outfits and images, but one thing remains unchanged: no matter what image will be chosen for the celebration, to properly complete it, you need a stylish manicure.

Irina Dedeneva, head of the training department of the company "ParkByutiRus" - the exclusive representative of the corporation ORLY in Russia, offers his version of the design created on the basis of fiery colors and symbol of festive night.

To accomplish this design need:

Basecoat - Bonder from ORLY
Teeny Bikini (№ 40705) from ORLY
Spark (№ 40633) from ORLY
Orange Punch (№ 40463) fromORLY
Matte Vinyl (№ 40242) from ORLY
Liquid Vinyl (№ 40484) from ORLY

1. disinfectant on the treated nails, apply a base coat Bonder.The tool will increase the grip nail polish and prevent the design from chipping and peeling.

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2. as a background for design use pink paint Teeny Bikini (№ 40705).The two layers of the nail cover them.

3. waves, not trying to deduce neat lines and leaving gaps on top of a pink background, apply yellow paint Spark (№ 40633).

4. to create the effect of a smooth transition of shades, the central part of the nail varnish zatoniruyte orange Orange Punch (№ 40463).

5. main element of the design is made with a brush "short hair" and matt black lacquer Matte Vinyl (№ 40242).Gently Draw outline pumpkin.

6. then use the same brush and paint, paint a pumpkin completely, leaving the field of "eyes" and "mouth".

7. rinse thoroughly brush obmoknite it in glossy black lacquer shade Liquid Vinyl (№40484) and along the image Pumpkin Draw a thin line.Brilliant effect will cover the faces of organic vegetables.

Despite the fact that in Russia Halloween has come relatively recently, it immediately gained popularity.For lovers of beauty this holiday turned into another excuse to experiment on a particular theme.So, "The Magic Halloween" from ORLY - one of the options extravagant design that will help you become a real star of the night of Halloween!

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