"Finance and Credit": problems.

"Finance and Credit" is experiencing problems for a long time.Previously, he was one of the largest banks, and today has almost gone down in history.The problem is that the state has refused to support the work of financial institutions.And Mr. Zhevago is the most desire to have long disappeared.The brilliant story giant of the financial market, which began in 1990, almost came to an end in the autumn of 2014.

Patrimony, or How did the Empire Zhevago

department of "Finance and Credit" a year ago, has successfully worked on the territory of Ukraine, serving tens of thousands of high-quality customers.History of giant financial market began in 1990, at a time when the State Bank of the USSR registered the company as a "Ukrainian Commercial Bank of Business Cooperation".The new owners have given financial institutions the new name of the organization in 90 years.In the face of new founders while the representatives of the Ukrainian "magnificent sevenĀ»:

  • Medvedchuk.
  • Surkis brothers.
  • B. Zgurskaya.
  • Yuri Karpenko.
  • B. Gubsky.
  • Yu Lyakh.

They were interested in the question of where to put their money to maintain that they have received by taking part in the largest financial pyramid of the past under the name "Ometa 21".That is exactly what came known across the country Bank "Finance and Credit", the head of which it was decided to put Konstantin Zhevago, while still just a student.


the first minutes of the existence of an updated version of the bank of its leaders to take action, using creative approach to the management of large-scale financial structure.Today the bank, "Finance and Credit" - bankrupt, and he had previously been a massive buyer-doroguschih shares and stakes in a wide variety of Ukrainian companies.Guide institutions able to attract foreign capital.The most famous investor was I. Bakay, who made a significant contribution to the transformation of the national institution in a mini-Switzerland.In the accounts of the financial structure coexisted contributions and political opponents, and industry groups, and criminal and semi-criminal structures.Despite the inactivity of institutions in the public sphere, the minimum participation in the inter-bank trading and passive loans to individuals, he could always be high on the ranking of the NBU.In relation to bank, "Finance and Credit", problems which began relatively recently, before the bankruptcy had no negative reviews and statements.

first problems

the first difficulties faced by large financial institutions in the second half of 2008.It was at that time Ukraine has rolled wave of the crisis.At this point, the bank "Finances and Credit" under the guidance of Zhevago has turned into a typical commercial structure that served the head of a group of companies.It consisted of not less than 60 enterprises and companies.It is these organizations Zhevago and were the main consumers of the bank's clients, and received them at the most favorable interest rates and attractive terms.It can be said that the bank "Finances and Credit" (he almost burst only in 2014) while knowingly took the risk, jeopardizing the performance of its obligations to customers.In 2008, many financial institutions are facing difficulties, but not many have received financial support from the National Bank.It is interesting that the lion's share of the provision of capital has been successfully spent on speculation within the forex market.

Doom 2009: the last hopes

the spring of 2009 was fatal for the bank.It all started with problems in such enterprises as "AvtoKrAZ" to stop production at the time of not less than six months, and "Kyivmedpreparat" which defaulted technical type of issued bonds that promised a real default.Difficulties were also on the "Stakhanov Wagon Company", which failed to find orders for 2009.All these enterprises were owned Zhevago.By an unfortunate coincidence, on the very brink of default at the time it turns out to be the bank "Finances and Credit" department which has successfully worked throughout Ukraine.

whom should the bank?

financial institution has not been able to return the money not only to individuals but also a credit of $ 70 million, which it took from structures such as Raiffeisen Zentralbank, Standard Bank and "VTB Bank".The Bank was unable to pay even the interest on the loans.The loan portfolio at that time consisted of about 35% of mortgage loans, which amounted to about 4.85 billion hryvnia.In a crisis, tsarivshem at the time, this category of debt is automatically transferred into the category of hopeless.Bank experts assessed the situation and announced that to maintain the institution afloat it requires kapitalovlivany of 5.5 billion hryvnia.

Workaround difficulties

The bank "Finances and Credit" (Kiev) in March 2009, makes the decision at an extraordinary meeting to ask for help from the state.Considering that the control by the establishment was parallel to MP from the Party and the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc has performed at the same time the largest sponsor of this unit, the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers was not only positive but also very quickly.Thus, the bank "Finances and Credit", the problem is not retreating, enters the list of seven Ukrainian financial institutions, which are capitalized by the state budget.We draw attention to the fact that the funds that could help solve the problem of paying depositors and deposits, were redirected to another channel.Today the bank, "Finance and Credit" closed on the grounds that in a crisis-free funds, and it is about 300 million hryvnia, were put on lending "AvtoKrAZ" and "Kherson factory of cardan shafts."The loan term was 63 months at 14% per annum, when the market was the average rate in the range of 26.4%.

Trades government and the wrong decision

Upon receipt of the accounts of the bank's assets from the government started real trading.The Cabinet of Ministers has been actively demand from each of the institutions belonging to a lucky seven, to renew the state about 75% of the shares.And even it was demanded with respect to the bank, "Finance and Credit" interim administration to replace the existing guidance for up to 12 months.Guide financial structure agreed to transfer 50% of all shares and gave permission for the introduction of staff supervision of the curator.

Failure to state aid

State support ended when the process of recapitalization has got a flat format.The bank flatly refused any assistance from the government.After the National Bank of Ukraine has allocated about 2.5 billion hryvnia to maintain the structure of the institution, Zhevago said that he will continue to deal with their difficulties.The consequence of such a strange decision was the failure of financial institutions to carry out customer payments, failure to return the deposits of physical persons, the timing of which has expired.Very interesting is the fact that the bank "Finances and Credit", a problem which is increasingly provoked the leadership itself, continues to redirect all available funds as a credit to the accounts of companies Zhevago.This development, which has already been publicized, pushes to the disgust of the public and could lead to mass unrest and protests.At the time of occurrence of the problems the financial institution serves about 119 thousand of term deposits and current accounts of about 217.

Beware scammers

Today, many say that the Bank "Finance and Credit" - bankrupt, but that does not stop structure.Relatively recently launched the largest advertising campaign in which many people believe.Moved contribution "Big Seven" with good interest rates.Strange, but for some reason held back by the fact that in early 2015, many bank branches (at least 80), ceased to exist.It was laid off at least 20% of employees.Deputy head of the institution had the imprudence to say publicly that the company is experiencing financial difficulties and losses over time will only increase.At least it should have alerted the government of Ukraine.

What do investors and customers

customers and depositors of the bank, term deposits which ended in 2015, can not get your hands on your money.Outrage comes in many offices.Employees of the bank "Finances and Credit", a temporary administration which has not been introduced, conduct independent rollover deposits.If the expiration date of the earlier deposit informed in advance, today it is not practiced.Despite the availability of funds at the box office, on the one hand does not give money.The happiest investors - those who managed to get at least 20% of their contribution.Mass anger does not change the situation.Among the victims there are single mothers, and people with disabilities, and ordinary students.This does not affect the fact of non-payment.In some offices there was security, which removes from the premises of bank customers actively demanding their money.Previously, the practice was not applied.

All is not lost, there is a small chance

Despite the fact that the bank did not fulfill its obligations to customers, its management continues to take active measures for recapitalization.At the meeting of March 23, it was decided to increase the authorized capital by issuing institution of bank shares in the amount of 616.4 million hryvnia.While the Bank "Finance and Credit" is not finally burst, and there is still a glimmer of hope.The first conclusion has brought to the market shares plus 22% of the authorized capital (3.4164 billion hryvnia).The next meeting of shareholders scheduled for April 27, 2015.It will be officially counted and announced the results of the past 2014.It will consider the reconstruction of the government apparatus.According to preliminary estimates it "Finance and Credit" - a bank (Kharkov branch in particular), which in future will receive assistance from the regulator in the amount of 700 million hryvnia, which should help to fulfill all obligations to depositors.The decision is due to the fact that the financial framework is concentrated 4% of all bank deposits in Ukraine and 2% of the total assets of the country.The very same credit institution belongs to the first category.

What can prevent the brilliant plan?

unequivocally say that the Bank "Finance and Credit" is closed, does not allow the fact of action by the shareholders.At the same time there is another interesting thing that can undo all the best laid plans of management., Cargill appealed to the Court of the State of New York with a request to block the correspondent accounts.The request was immediately satisfied until the end of legal proceedings.Debt in the amount of 44 million dollars today hangs over the structure of the "Finance and Credit."Bank (Kharkov, Kiev and other departments) promises to restructure the debt.Management insists that it does not refuse to fulfill their obligations to no one creditor.It has been proposed to conduct negotiations in order to solve this problem.How the situation will develop further, it is not known, investors can only wait and hope for the best.Experts are prone to negative forecasts, do not rule out the possibility of withdrawal of the financial structure of a protracted crisis and the total compensation of the contributions to each of the customers.