How to change in the "Google Chrome" start page.

«How to change in the" Google Chrome "home page?" - The answer to this question is looking for, as a rule, novice users who do, only the first steps on the Internet.In fact, nothing complicated in this operation there, and after reviewing the material proposed article you will be able to perform it yourself.

What is the starting (home) page?Launching any browser, the first thing you see - a welcome screen that is starting, or homepage.You can customize it to suit your own requirements.For example, if you need to run after the Web browser opens your mailbox, you can easily organize it.You - an active "user" of social networks?Then make sure that your favorite sites are opened immediately after loading the browser.

How to change the start page in the "Google Chrome"

So running "Google Chrome", open its menu by pressing the button with a picture of three lines (in the right corner).In the drop-down list, refer to "Settings".Now find the block "When you start to open."

Here you can mark the checkbox one of the options, and then download the browser "Chrome" will open:

  • new tab: If set to any extension "Visual Bookmarks", you will see "Speed ​​Dial", which can beadded the most visited websites by the user.

  • previously open tabs - in this case, the browser will restore all of the pages that were open before you close the browser.

  • given page - clicking on the link "Add", you can specify the sites that must be opened after loading the browser.

In most cases, the last paragraph of interested users.In the opened window you can add any web page, which is loaded with a web browser.

How to make a beautiful home page in the "Chrome"

So, how to change to "Google Chrome" home page, you know, so now recommended to learn how to set a beautiful page shortcut, because sometimes you want to diversify bored browser interface.

In fact, it will change the appearance of the "Speed ​​Dial".Often, users install a web browser for visual bookmarks from the search engine Yandex.Of course, they are very comfortable, but look at them poor.No, we are not talking about what they are absolutely ugly.Just have a better option, namely a browser extension FVD Speed ​​Deal (3d).

To install this add-on, go to "Settings" web browser and refer to the "Extension" (left menu).Scroll down the page, click on "Get more extensions."After these steps will "shop" Google Chrome "», where you can find your desired addition.

That's it!Now you can change the start page in the "Chrome" to make it more attractive.

Runs "left" home page.Addressing

Sometimes users are faced with the problem of how to open after download Web browser home page, they are not indicated in "a given page."Often this hype with a request to buy something or sign up on some site.

Despite the fact that you already know how to change to "Google Chrome" start page, a standard way, as a rule, does not help.However, out of this situation there:

  • First, remove the suspicious extensions that you installed recently or not installed at all, and they appeared in the browser.

  • Secondly, the correct link label "Google Chrome."To do this, click on it and RMB refer to "Properties".Here you need to check out the link in the "Object".The correct version of the ends so: chrome.exe ". If you notice after« exe "» has some link, simply remove it.

Follow these simple steps, and the front page with the hype disappear.

Conclusion So, now that answered the question: "How do I change to" Google Chrome "home page?", You can easily perform this operation at any time.It is desirable not to add to the "specified page" many sites, because it will affect the speed of loading web browser.