A good exercise for the buttocks at home

Wanting to improve the shape of their buttocks, we first think about the creation of beautiful, supple and pumped silhouette.Nobody is against weight loss, but most people believe that shapeless flat buttocks - it's ugly.Moreover, both sexes are attracted to each other as it is elastic roundness.

drop wears away the stone

If you set a goal to get the gluteus maximus to the envy of others, you need to pre-configure itself that the process will be long and difficult.Perhaps you will move more than one set of exercises before you find one and learn a good exercise for the buttocks, which is a kind of trump card in the struggle to achieve success.So, be reserved by patience, develop exercises to evaluate and compare the results.As aides invoke the scales, measuring tape, a notebook and pen to record the results.

structure gluteus

If our goal is to lose weight, separately from the whole body of our fifth point lead to weight loss does not happen.The human body has a strange feature to gain weight in all areas and also in all of its areas of lose weight.Therefore, all exercises for the glutes are designed not to discharge weight, and giving them firm and shapely.Before you start to work out the muscles, we do not workout.Please get acquainted with the structure of this outstanding in every area of ​​the human body, which consists of three muscles at once.Therefore, the best exercise for the buttocks - those who are able to work out and a large and small, and the piriformis muscle.Naturally at the gluteus maximus many more features, so it is responsible for the creation of relief and elastic form.But without working through the other two muscles outcome does not turn out so great, as would be desirable.

Big muscles are able to benefit

Under the phrase "big muscles" here we mean the presence of well-trained and pumped buttocks.Loose buttocks never by themselves will not bring any benefit to the owner.Well, perhaps that will soften the landing.But pumped gluteal muscles have the ability to oxidize and break down body fat.And the larger muscle, the more oxygen will penetrate into it.Thus, the large muscles in the buttocks can be good in the future to work for his master, even if the excess deposition of yet for some reason appears.

good exercise for the buttocks: warm

Perhaps enough about the theory.It is time to start to take action.As a warm-up is usually taken to make light jogging workout.However, there is one miracle exercise that can "kill two birds with one stone."It is a jump rope.Beginners can make 200 jumps in the warm-up.Those who feel the strength, will jump through simple shell 500 times.If we aspire to the ideal, then this figure will increase to one thousand.Jumping rope in random order - good exercise for increasing the buttocks at home, so you can jump in the morning, as the positioning jumping morning exercises.

Squats indispensable

After the workout the body is well warmed up, and now comes the turn of the most important and effective exercises - squats.In fact, sit-ups to work out different muscle groups so much that we will focus only on the basic exercises.Later, when the body comes to tone, it will ask itself complicate the complex.In the meantime, as an exercise to increase the buttocks and thighs at home will carry out the following steps.Legs set shoulder width apart, hands behind his head allot.Squat will slowly and deeply, as if we want to sit in a chair, taking his ass back a little.Do not forget to keep your back straight while performing 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

enemy cellulitis

If we consider the best exercise for the buttocks to the fight against cellulite, it is perfectly capable of squatting smooth orange peel effect on the buttocks and thighs.If legs spread as widely as possible, socks on the feet to dissolve and squat, knees spreading laterally up to the moment, as long as they do not form an angle of 90 degrees, you can, in addition, well-trained inner thighs.Excellent train legs and buttocks deep squats from which to jump back.

increases the load.Lunges Lunges

, no matter how complex and heavy squats after they did not seem to ignore is not necessary.If you take into account the best exercises for buttock augmentation in terms of study and small pear-shaped muscle that is responsible for the attacks on their formation.If the goal is to get the maximum pump over, resilient and formed the fifth point, you need to make friends with these simple but effective exercises.To begin with we will do lunges forward, together with the gluteal muscles pumping the front of the thigh.Right foot doing the widest step, transferring the load of the body on the thigh.It is better, if the legs are not going to alternate after each lunge.Please do 10 lunges on one leg, and then change the starting position.People who dream of a perfectly elastic form, additional weights are used when doing a exercise to increase the buttocks.Reviews athletes showed an increase in the effect of the attacks, if you take into the hands of dumbbells.This is a very good exercise for the buttocks.

exercises detailed study of the gluteal muscles

Mahi leg bent from the "kneeling", capable of not only well strengthen all three gluteal muscles, but also to deal with cellulite.Standing on the gym mat on his knees, his hands will rely on the forearm.Do not forget that bent knees should form an angle of 90 degrees.There are several types of exercises:

  • Pulling leg parallel to the floor, and then bend the knee, pulling the heel to the buttocks.
  • also pull the leg parallel to the floor and immediately bend it at the knee.We try to raise the leg bent as if we want to bury it in the ceiling.
  • bends one leg to the side to form a right angle with the body.The support leg is bent at the knee.

produce 3 sets of 20 times.

Exercises to increase the buttocks (photos).Mahi straight leg

mahi to many is one of the favorite exercises.And it can perform both standing on all fours, lying on its side, lying on the back and standing on the floor.In addition to the buttocks, thigh worked out different.It all depends on what will be the leading leg in mahah.These simple exercises significantly strengthens thighs, which gives complete perfection bottom of the figure.Perform Mahi straight leg easily enough, so over time the number of repetitions in one approach can be increased up to 50 times.You can as handholds not use the mat, and a large gym ball with handles.In this case, the variation of exercises has increased markedly.

Lifting the hips and pelvis

complex, where we put the known exercises to increase the buttocks and thighs, is incomplete without the spectacular rise of the pelvis.Lie down on the mat facing the ceiling.Legs set ourselves a house-width apart and bend their knees.Hands fix on the floor along the hull.Begin vigorously push the pelvis forward and then lower it back further strained gluteal muscles.You can diversify and complicate this exercise.Raise your pelvis and fix it at a height which allows the body.Since knees in the initial position were divorced, our task, on the contrary, to reduce them.After information knees again divorced.Suffice it to 20 repetitions.

Custom exercise

good exercise for the buttocks - it's not just something that is able to enhance their shape and to give relief.A good exercise would be considered are those that are able to "shake" the extra fat.So nice to include rhythmic music and a good shake fifth point.This should be done with his hands on his belt, and his legs slightly bent.In memory of the first thing recreated active latinok passionate dance and black women as an example to follow.Hips thus can be moved from side to side, feeling vibrate the muscles in the legs and buttocks.After doing the exercises to increase the buttocks and thighs, it is necessary with the help of this unusual dance to relieve the tension that emerged in the muscle tissue.

Steps buttocks

another exercise, without which it will manage the completion of training, the so-called "walking on the buttocks."It is believed that in this way can be a good idea to displace excess body fat and reduce stress with muscle tension.We sit on the buttocks, legs pull forward and begin to move across the floor from one buttock to the other.The effectiveness of this exercise will be the maximum, if you do the at least 100 "steps".

Alternating load

We examined in detail the exercises to increase the buttocks home, dismantled their importance for a particular muscle group.If you do all the exercises on the gluteal muscles alone will take at least 40 minutes.Therefore, carrying out the complex, it is necessary to remember the results obtained from the load and how to listen carefully to the reaction of the organism.Perhaps some of the exercises will be the base, and on its basis will develop a more simplified complex.Classes can be conducted three times a week, is also effective to alternate load by performing exercises to increase the buttocks in the gym with the help of special devices.

regular classes

Let's not forget about the regularity of the load, because the body is set to a specific schedule and quickly gets used to it.Pause-long sessions per month is able to cancel all previously achieved results.If you can not planned to devote some time to increase the buttocks exercise at home, you should try to move as much as possible during the working day on foot.If the office is equipped with a game room, and by sheer luck there present a ping-pong table and a free pair of rackets, you can make it a rule to dedicate a half hour lunch break, the game of table tennis.Working desk player in ping-pong, as well as the characteristic movements during the game will not be bored all groups of the gluteal muscles.The only disadvantage of this exercise - to achieve the effect of disproportionately long.