You draw people - draw themselves

As mentioned, especially a lot can tell about a person doodle depicting people or body parts.We continue to interpret the meaning of the different images.

depict figures without faces or make them obscure, slightly rounded - you are shy and timid, hard for you to start a casual conversation and meet at parties.Closed hidden or neprorisovannye eyes testify to the desire to avoid unpleasant visual stimuli, unwillingness to actually see the unpleasant moments of life.Big ears - you are sensitive to criticism and subject to the opinions of others, too little, or no - do not want to listen to the views and positions chuzhym.Heavily shaded hair - have settled in anxiety, not shaded hair framing her head - you control the hostile feelings.

large shoulders or body - you have a feeling of great strength or excessive concern about power, small - a sense of inferiority and insignificance, sloping shoulders or hunched body - discouragement, despair, guilt and lack of vitality.

hands - a symbol of interpersonal relationships.If your hands are away from the body (placed in the hand) - your actions are out of control when crossed on his chest - you are hostile, behind or in your pocket - the reluctance to give in, compromise, close to the body - you have a difficultysocial contacts.

Long legs talk about the need for independence, short - you will experience a feeling of physical or psychological embarrassment.Legs wide apart -otkrovennoe disregard and neglect of the interlocutors and their action, feet together (the man is "toe the line") - stiffness in communication.

If you suddenly "forgot" or intentionally drew a man without any parts of the body, it is said that you are experiencing a sense of rejection of this part, the lack of appropriate feel about your appearance or dissatisfied with something in your partner.

When you draw dolls - dominate over you around, you feel that you constantly have someone to give to agree with other people's decisions.

clown caricature or express the desire to avoid inferiority, closing nonexistent way.On your sheet appeared robot - you suffer from control of external forces, worried that many things in life does not depend on you.

Mask - You are secretive and cautious, trying to hide from the outside world.

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