Auto mechanic - a profession for motorists .Profession mechanic ( car mechanic ) : training required quality

a car is now no surprise, especially because in some families there may even be a few.But like any machine, the machine needs constant care, and sometimes repairs.Not everyone is able to independently solve this problem, so in modern society and there was such a profession as an auto mechanic.This profession is difficult, and therefore, the people who have mastered it worth their weight in gold.

But the road to the development of this specialty is very thorny.Not everyone is able to remember all the design features of the car, and even more so to learn how to repair it.And only a true love for the case allows you to get the title of an auto mechanic.Education, or rather, calling, which turns the ordinary man in the "God machine."

What is a mechanic?

mechanic, or, as they say, car mechanic - a person who has been repairing cars.In this case, his duties include diagnostic problems finding a suitable way to resolve it and thus do the work to fix it.Also, these specialists carry out routine inspections, which are set by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

And, apparently, all this is clear.But working as a mechanic is fraught with many pitfalls.In particular, a large variety of techniques, to be faced.For now the market is crowded with a huge number of both domestic and foreign car models, the structure of which varies greatly, and this complicates the work.

What qualities should a car mechanic

No matter how corny it sounds, but above all the future mechanic must love his job.This is very important.Working in this profession, a person every day and only does that repairs cars.Without love and a certain fanaticism such activity quickly bored.A fuse is impossible without growth and excellence.

mechanic - a profession in which you need to skillfully handle the available knowledge.Why do we need an analytical mind and excellent memory.Since the early stages of training, the future specialist is obliged to go to catch all the wisdom of the case, to remember the subtle design features of the car, its possible failure and the methods by which they can identify.

Due to the nature of profession car mechanics often have to work with heavy parts.They need to move from place to place, lift and hold in position.Therefore, strength and endurance are very important for a person who is aiming for a position as an auto mechanic.This profession is also associated with common injuries and burns, and therefore, the future specialist should be ready for them.

Choice narrow specialty

Any student mechanic will tell you that there is no universal trend in this matter.Thus, some experts are engaged in straightening the body, others - paint work, others are repairing the wiring, and the fourth - directly to the motor itself.It is important to remember when choosing an educational institution or training mechanics to determine which specialty will be in the future.

give examples of the most popular destinations in the present case:

  • Mechanic - person in charge of the mechanisms inside the car (engine, gearbox, clutch, etc.).
  • painter - specialist paints that can repaint the car in any color or apply a necessary drawings.
  • Avtorihtovschik - master leveling of dents, plugging cracks and so on.
  • Electric - a man capable to repair all electrical appliances inside the car.
  • Avtosvarschik - worker, whose main task is welding work related to repairing a vehicle.
  • diagnostics - an experienced, well-versed in damage to the machine.

There are other areas of the profession, but they are not as widespread and needed only specialized plants, and in some shops.It should also be noted that a small service station mechanics still have generalists who perform all of these tasks on their own.But this approach does not take on orders that require in-depth knowledge in one area.For example, the repair of a complex on-board engine computer or rare models of foreign cars.

Profession mechanic.Education

learn the basics of the profession at a vocational school or perhaps college.There it is possible to do both after 9, and after the 11 classes.Special difficulties in exams should arise as a set for this specialty is fairly large.After the end of this educational institution people can count on a place in the SRT, or in a small garage.

For those who want to achieve something bigger, better think about entering university.In his end will be available in major car repair places, as well as positions in the factories that manufacture machines or parts of them.

Why training?

finished university or college the chance to get a prestigious place, though it is, but it's pretty small.The reason is simple - a lack of experience.It is not enough to have a good degree, you need to have more and practical knowledge.Therefore it is necessary to do an internship with an experienced mechanic.

In fact, auto mechanic student - is the first step on the way up the career ladder.Let there not pay so much.But the burden of responsibility for the car will always lie on the shoulders of chief engineer.If you do not be lazy and make every effort to master the necessary skills, the effect is not long to wait.And then, having knowledge and experience, we can safely move to the position of a full-fledged mechanic.

As things stand at the labor exchange

mechanic - a profession is very popular.Even in the small town has a station service, and sometimes more than one, to say nothing of big cities.In addition, there are also garages, specializes in complex repairs, and in some of its forms: painting, tuning, repairing power and so on.

So a person with the necessary knowledge and experience, will always be able to find a job mechanic.And besides, this is considered to be highly paid specialty, which is also very nice.

mechanic.Future prospects

Over the years, vehicle sales are growing steadily, which means that in the future relevance of the profession is not exactly fall.Here are the requirements for specialists of such a profile is getting higher and higher, because progress does not stand still, and hence the construction of cars become more complex all the time.

Another nuance is that modern cars are equipped with various computer devices and sensors.In the future their number will only increase.Therefore, a good mechanic should not only understand the design of the car itself, but also to be familiar with the principles of electrical appliances.