How to replenish card "Troika" on the Internet

«Troika" - is a universal card used to pay for public transport: surface and underground, trains and Aeroexpress.Why do the majority of Muscovites have chosen it?Firstly, it is convenient.Secondly, it is beneficial.

What tickets can be written in the "troika»

Since the "Troika" is valid on all types of transport, it is possible to record any mailing paper tickets, valid at the moment.In addition, there is a completion card "Troika" for any amount not exceeding 3,000 rubles.When passing through the turnstile will be charged the fare according to the tariffs.

Map "Troika" How to Replenish Balance?

Department of the City of Moscow has recently reported to that event, which have been waiting for finally happened.Now I have the opportunity to top up card "Troika" on the Internet.

previously had a chance to recharge the card through cash Metro and Aeroexpress, through the terminals "JCB», Europlat, «MegaFon» and

Recharge with a mobile phone

Now subscribers of any operator can replenish the balance of any card "Troika" remotely with mobile phone account.How to replenish card "Three"?The algorithm is simple enough.It is only necessary to have access to the Internet.The official website of the card "Troika", enter the number of the top-up cards, mobile phone number, which account will be paid, and the desired amount.Payment ranges from 10 to 2500 rubles.A few seconds after the transaction on a mobile phone to come a text message with a code that will need to send a response message in order to confirm the execution of payments.With this type of replenishment cards "Troika" will not be charged any fees.

But that's not all.When the remote replenishment of money get the card immediately.They are stored in the transport system of Metro.To activate them, you must attach a card to the yellow information terminal.In addition, you can complete the operation in special terminals installed in the interiors of communication "Megaphone".

Depositing via credit card

How to fill up "three" credit card?There are two options.The first method - a transfer of funds through the online service banks.Currently their only two.This is the "Alfa-Bank" and "Bank of Moscow".But this will tell later.

second way - is the completion with the help of maps on the official website, which has a map of "Troika".How to Replenish Balance?For the transaction does not require registration.You only have ten-digit number to indicate an electronic purse, enter the amount of the transfer and as a payment method to indicate "Payment card".After pressing the "Pay" You go to a page where you will need to specify details of the card, with which you wish to transfer funds.As soon as you enter the one-time password sent to you via SMS messages, this amount will be credited to the destination.Scrolling can be from 1 to 2500 rubles.

Recharge via electronic wallets Webmoney, Qiwi Wallet and "Yandex"

Now participants of Webmoney are able to replenish its balance sheet if they have a card "Troika" (underground).How to refill?Use the service can be on the project site.Payment is made immediately.Replenishment is possible only with R-purses.In addition, the site has the ability to recharge with the "Kiwi" -koshelka and "Yandex".Algorithm of replenishing the same: enter the card number "Troika", specify the amount by which want to fill, and choose a method of payment from your existing e-wallet.

How to recharge "Three"?On balance it is possible to put money and using personal wallet "Yandex".Enrollment takes place immediately and without any commissions.

To add funds to an electronic purse card "Troika", should use the portal among all the goods and services section "Urban payments", find the link "Troika" and by clicking on it, make all necessary actions (enter the card number and payment amount), the final payment.

Recharge using the "Alpha-click»

At the end of January, cardholders "Troika" an opportunity to add funds to the online banking "Alpha-click".This method allows cardholders to "Alfa-Bank" to avoid the lines at the ticket and thus save time.

Fill up balance using online services, as well as in other ways, can amount to no more than 2,500 rubles.The Commission is not charged.

How to recharge "Three"?The new version can be tested in a private office in the "Payments".To add funds to the card "Troika" with the help of internet service, select the "Urban Transport", find the item "Troika" and carry out the payment by entering the ten-digit card number and specifying the amount of deposit.For confirmation of payment will be required to enter a one-time password that will come to the phone number attached to the card, which will occur cancellation.

After recharge card passengers will be able to travel on the basic rates of land, underground transport, and at the rate of "90 minutes".These funds are stored on the map for five years from the date of last use.

Agents remote recharge cards

How to recharge "Three"?What methods still exist?In addition to all the above, to transfer money to the card can be through terminals "National payment service" through Comepay-wallet and payment system

How do I get tickets were purchased on the card "Three"?

funds transferred to the electronic wallet card "Troika" via the Internet, ie by remote recharge, immediately use not succeed.They are in the status of deferred payment, and must be activated - to write to the card.This can be done using the yellow information terminals installed in the lobbies of subway stations.On the screen, you must click "Remote completion" and attach the card to the reader.Just a few seconds - and the payment is activated, and listed the amount displayed on the screen.