Heyerdahl Tour: books, travel and biography.

offer today to get acquainted with one of the most famous people of the XX century - Thor Heyerdahl.This Norwegian anthropologist famous throughout the world thanks to his expeditions to exotic locations and numerous books devoted to his travels and research.And if the majority of our compatriots know the answer to the question of who is Thor Heyerdahl, the details of his personal and professional life knowledgeable few.So we get to know this great man closer.

Heyerdahl Tour: photos, childhood

future world-famous scientist and explorer was born on October 6, 1914 in a small Norwegian town called Larvik.Interestingly, in the family Heyerdahl was called sons called the Tour.However, despite the fact that both the head of the family - the owner of the brewery, and the mother - anthropological museum workers, their marriage was the third, and they have raised seven children, it was the youngest son, it was decided to name the family estate tour.My father, when he was already an elderly man (at the time of the birth of his son 50 years old), have adequate resources and have great pleasure in traveling around Europe.In his trip, and he would take the boy.The mother is also very fond of the Tour and not only showered him with affection and attention, but also engaged in his education.It is thanks to her, the boy woke up very early interest in zoology.This passion and encouragement from parents led to the fact that the Tour Heyerdahl created a small zoological museum houses the most spectacular exhibit which was stuffed viper.It was here, and a lot of interesting things, brought from distant countries.So it is no wonder that guests come to the family Heyerdahl not just a cup of tea, but on a small tour.


After leaving school in 1933, Heyerdahl Tour entered the University of Oslo Zoological Department that none of his family was not surprised.While studying at the university, he devoted much time to his beloved zoology, but gradually began to get involved and ancient cultures and civilizations.It was during this period that he came to the conclusion that modern man had forgotten about the age-old traditions and commandments, which eventually led to a series of fratricidal wars.By the way, the Tour has retained confidence in it until the very last minutes of his life.

Link to wandering

After seven semesters Heyerdahl get bored at the university.After all, at that time he already possessed a truly encyclopedic knowledge, some of which have received from parents and part grasped through independent study of various issues.He wants to do their own research and to travel to distant exotic islands.Especially his friends and supporters, Hjalmar Broch and Kristine Bonnevie, with whom he met during a trip to Berlin, were willing to help in the organization of the expedition to the Polynesian islands to find out how it could be representatives of the fauna that inhabit these places today.Interestingly, this trip was for a young scientist is not only an exciting adventure, but the honeymoon.After all, before the departure of the Tour Heyerdahl she married a student of the Faculty of Economics - beauty Liv Coucheron Thorpe.Liv was the same adventuress, like her husband.However, it is not only accompanied the Tour in his expedition, but it was a faithful helper, as previously peruse the many books on zoology and Polynesia.

Journey to Fatu Hiva

As a result, in 1937 the Tour Heyerdahl and his wife Liv traveled to distant shores Polynesian island Fatu Hiva.There they learned to survive in the wild, met with local residents and doing scientific research.However, a year later, the pair had to interrupt his expedition.The fact that the Tour has picked up quite a dangerous disease and Liv became pregnant.Therefore, in 1938, young researchers returned to Norway.So ended the first trip of the legendary Heyerdahl.On this expedition he described in his book "In Search of Paradise", released in 1938.In 1974, the Tour has published an expanded version of this work, which was named "Fatu Hiva."

Travel to Canada

A few months after returning from Fatu Khiva Liv gave birth to a son, whom family tradition gave the name of the Tour.After another year, the couple was born the second son - Bjorn.The head of the family continued his scientific work, but gradually it began to take more people, not animals.So who went to Polynesia scientist and zoologist, anthropologist returned home.His aim was to find a new answer to the question of how the ancient Incas could get from America to Polynesia.Or maybe it was just the opposite?So, Heyerdahl decided to go to Canada, to the place where the Indians lived earlier.He hoped that there would be preserved the ancient traditions of the Mariners.However, despite the fact that the Tour has traveled all over the west of Canada, he never managed to find the necessary information.

World War II

During the expedition, Heyerdahl in Canada, World War II began.He is a true patriot who wanted to stay to defend their homeland against the enemy.To do this, he moved to the United States and enlisted in the military service.During the war the family Heyerdahl lived first in the US and then moved to the UK.

Travel Thor Heyerdahl: expedition "Kon-Tiki»

In 1946, the scientist is interested in a new idea: he believed that in ancient times, American Indians could swim to the islands in the Pacific on a raft.Despite the negative response from historians Tour organizes an expedition called "Kon-Tiki" and prove his innocence.After all, he and his team could get on a raft from Peru to islands Taumotu.Interestingly, many scientists refused to believe at all in the fact that travel long until we saw shot during the expedition documentary.Returning home, Heyerdahl divorced his wife, Liv, who soon married a wealthy American.The tour is a few months later marries Yvonne Dedek-Simonsen, who later bore him three daughters.

Journey to Easter Island

Heyerdahl could never sit still for a long time in one place.So, in 1955 he organized archaeological expedition to Easter Island.It consisted of professional archaeologists from Norway.During the expedition the Tour and his colleagues spent several months on the island, exploring the important archaeological sites.The focus of their work was given to experiments on carving, moving and installation of the famous moai statues.In addition, the researchers engaged in excavations at higher elevations and Poike Orongo.As a result of their work the expedition members have published numerous scientific articles that laid the foundation for the study of the Easter Island, which continues to this day.But Thor Heyerdahl, whose books are always a great success, wrote another bestseller called "Aku-Aku".

«Ra" and "Ra II»

At the end of the 60s Thor Heyerdahl became interested in the idea of ​​a voyage by boat from papyrus.In 1969, the restless explorer set sail on the projected figures for the ancient Egyptian boat called "Ra" to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.However, due to the fact that the flotation device was made from reeds Ethiopian, it pretty quickly soaked, bringing members of the expedition had to turn back.

The following year, the water later a second boat called "Ra II».It finalized taking into account the previous errors.Thor Heyerdahl once again succeeded, sailed from Morocco to Barbados.Thus he was able to prove all the world scientific community that ancient mariners could swim across the ocean sailing, taking advantage of the Canary Current.Expedition "Ra II» included representatives from different countries, among them the well-known Soviet traveler Yuri Senkevich.


and famous is another boat Thor Heyerdahl called "Tigris".Explorer is built watercraft reed 1977.The route of the expedition ran from Iraq to the shores of Pakistan, and then to the Red Sea.Thanks to this sea voyage, Thor Heyerdahl proved the possibility of the existence of trade and migration of contacts between Mesopotamia and the Indian civilization.At the end of the expedition explorer burned his boat in protest against military action.

tireless researcher Thor Heyerdahl has always longed for adventure.I do not change it themselves and 80 years of age.So, in 1997, to meet an old friend went to our compatriot, and member of the expedition "Ra II» - Yuri Senkevich.As part of its program "Club of travelers", he showed the audience where he lives Thor Heyerdahl.The hero of the story is told of his many plans, one of which was another trip to Easter Island.

last years

Thor Heyerdahl, whose biography was very rich in a wide variety of events, remained active and even hedonistic in very old age.This also applies to his personal life.So, in 1996, at age 82, a renowned scholar and researcher divorced from his second wife and marries French actress Jacqueline Bir.Together with his wife, he moved to Tenerife, where he bought a huge mansion, built more than three centuries ago.Here he enjoys gardening and even insisted that it could turn out and a good biologist.

great Thor Heyerdahl died in 2002 at age 87 from a brain tumor.In the last moments of his life, he was surrounded by his third wife and their five children.