The most influential people in the world: the top ratings.

Who controls our world today?Who has an impact on everything that happens on a global scale?The most influential people in the world - who are they?In this article we will answer this question, provide an assessment of the world's two authoritative publications.

version of the magazine Forbes: the most influential people of the world

One of the most respected business magazines in the world recently introduced its traditional list of "the powers that be."Who are they - the most influential people of the world?"Forbes" has managed to answer this difficult question.

In 2014, Forbes magazine has included in its list of 72 people.Among them - not only politicians and presidents, but also businessmen, public figures and celebrities.It is these 72 individual, according to the newspaper, is currently able to rotate the "wheel of history."

Interestingly, in 2014 the list of the most influential people in the world were even criminals.Thus, the 54 place in the ranking took Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - the Caliph of the Islamic state, recognized by the international community to terrorism.

headed ranking of "Forbes" last year turned out to Vladimir Putin, who, incidentally, held the same position in 2013.According to the authoritative magazine, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Today occupies an important place on the world stage.Just one line of the Russian leader gave way to another superpower President - Barack Obama.Well, on the third place of honor there is another ruler - Xi Jinping, China's leader.

is interesting to note that in 2014, the magazine has included in its rating of three other Russian citizens.They were Igor Sechin, Alexei Miller, and Alisher Usmanov (42, 47 and 61 respectively).

most influential people of the world from the list of Forbes - all ages.The oldest of these is the king of Saudi Arabia - Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, and the most "young" - odious Kim Jong-un - North Korean leader.

below suggest you read the top ten most influential people of 2014.

most influential people in the world (ranked magazine Forbes)
Personality country and position
1. Vladimir Putin Russia, President
2. Barack Obama US President
3. Xi China, chairman of the republic
4. Pope Francis Vatican cleric
5. Angela Merkel Germany, Chancellor
6. Janet Yellen US economist
7. Bill Gates US businessman
8. Mario Draghi

Italy, President of the European Central Bank

9. Larry Page US company Google
10. David Cameron UK Prime Minister

rating magazine Forbes: evaluation criteria

magazine "Forbes"- known and reputable international edition of financial and economic issues.It traces its history since 1917.Named in honor of its founder - Bertie Charles Forbes.Main office publications located in the heart of New York City - Fifth Avenue.

magazine "Forbes" personalities chosen for their rating of "most influential" on four main criteria, namely:

  • total number of people under the influence of a particular person;
  • resources (especially material) that the nominee has at a given time;
  • position that takes a particular nominee (his) field of activity.

In addition, with respect to those in power, journalists and analysts rating edition includes only those members that are actively using the power granted to them.

version of the magazine Time: the most influential people of the world

Another well-known publication publishes its annual list of the most influential personalities.This is another US magazine - "Time".Each year, he presents to the public a hundred most influential personalities (since 1999).

interesting feature of this magazine is that it does not rank your list from the first to the hundredth position.Last year, the list of "Time-100" were people from different spheres of public life.It is politicians, religious leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and creative individuals.

Just as the magazine "Forbes", "Time" included in his hundred major geopolitical players in the world arena: Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and Xi Jinping.In the "Time-100" for 2014 and is also present Pope Francis.And that's kind of the highlight of the magazine "Time" can be considered in the presence of his list of pop singer Beyonce, as well as the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.Why not?These people are also very strong influence on the world, however, they do so with a microphone and a soccer ball.

"Time-100": some statistics

most influential people in the world are chosen edition of "Time" with the help of a special commission consisting of scientists and professional analysts.At the same time all selected personalities divided into five groups.It:

  • leaders and revolutionaries.
  • magnates.
  • cultural figures.
  • scientists.
  • Idols and heroes.

This is what can be explained by the presence in the rankings "Time 100," a significant number of musicians, athletes, writers and artists.In turn, the Forbes magazine has increasingly concentrated on the economic and political spheres of the world society.However, we all know that one book written by a man of genius, can affect the world much more than dozens of politicians, presidents and prime ministers.

Among the well-known and most influential personalities of the others in the list of "Time 100" got: Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Vladimir Putin: a brief biography

Russian President already several years in a row does not leave the lists of the most influential people in the world.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin - Russian, was born in 1952 in Leningrad.In the same city he received his education, graduating from the law faculty of Leningrad State University.During his life, he has already worked head of the Russian FSB, the Prime Minister and Secretary of the Russian Security Council.In May 2012, for the third time he sat in the chair of the President.

known that Putin - a fan of fishing, bikes and works of Rudyard Kipling.He also is a master of sports in judo and sambo.Surely worth skating and skiing.

Barack Obama: a short biography

Barack Obama is primarily known for being the first black president of the United States.In this role, he is in his second term.

Barack Obama was born in 1961 on the sunny island of Oahu, in Honolulu.He has two higher education (Columbia and Harvard).By profession - lawyer.In 2005 he became a senator from Illinois.This event can be considered the beginning of a stellar political career Obama.

Barack has a wife (Michelle) and two daughters.The current US president is also the Nobel Peace Prize (2009).

Pope Francis

Francis - the first of more than 1,000-year period of the pope from outside Europe.He was elected to this important post in 2013.

Born in the capital of Argentina in a poor family of railway workers (in 1936).Education - a chemical engineer.Interestingly, in his youth, the future Pope cleaner works just as well as the "bouncer" at nightclubs in Buenos Aires.Career began at Francis priest until the late 60s.

Pope Francis is best known for his relatively progressive views on life.So, he distinguished sharply criticized in the direction of the Catholic priests who do not wish to baptize infants born out of wedlock.

In conclusion

most influential people - these are the individuals who set the tone in world geopolitics, culture and economy.We have considered two of the most influential personalities of the rating of the planet from global reputable publications - magazines Forbes and Time.Agree or disagree with them - this is a private matter.However, it is worth remembering that the "influential" does not always mean "most powerful."So treat such ratings should be with some skepticism.