NPF Sberbank reviews.

retirement - not only the prerogative of the RPF, but also a large number of non-governmental organizations relevant profile.One of the most famous - Sberbank NPF.What characterizes the activities of the private pension fund?What do customer reviews?What is the position of the fund in the rankings?

What pension fund

Before examining the pension fund of the Savings Bank, it will be useful to carry out a small theoretical digression to the main subject of this issue.What kind of organization - NPF?Private pension funds - what is the specificity of their work and the purpose of the institution?

NPF first appeared in the 90s, but for a long time did not receive wide distribution.They are an alternative to state organization - the Russian Pension Fund, which became the legal successor of a similar structure, which functioned in the USSR.Creating a private foundation was dictated, according to experts, the desire of the state to reduce the fiscal burden.How?

The fact that most of the pension obligations of the state to the citizens, based on the specifics of the current social security system in Russia is due to the formation of the cumulative payments.The base is part of the obligation is relatively small - its government largely takes over.

state pension funds, in addition, in many cases, provide a higher level of payments due to the relevant mechanisms of investment in various assets, participate in the purchase and sale of securities and other kinds of legitimate commercial activities.As a rule, pension funds for this purpose co-operate with management companies, in charge of this kind of financial strategies.

pension reserves in funds sufficiently protected by the law.In addition, the criteria for admission to the activities of SPC is now quite strict, and because the market simply will not be able to leave the company at risk of bankruptcy.Now in Russia there are a few dozen large NPF.Among them - the pension fund of the Savings Bank.What are the specifics of its activities?How big is the yield of APF for the Savings Bank in 2013 and expected in 2014?


We study the general information on the mentioned fund.The founder of NPF - Sberbank of Russia, the largest-bank financial institution in our country.The Foundation was established in 1995, 3 years after the publication of the Presidential Decree, which became the first legal rules governing the activities of the company.

This pension fund is included in the relevant national association.According to many analytical agencies, rating NPF Savings Bank - one of the highest in the range of actions of non-state pension funds.According to one of the largest companies that make up the corresponding estimates, the fund most reliable.In particular, these products adhere to the experts of the National Rating Agency, as well as such organizations as the "Expert RA".

NPF Savings Bank of the Russian Federation refers to the institutions that are classified as "open-end fund."The facility offers a range of pension schemes and individual business lines.In particular, the service agreement may enter into citizens (within the compulsory insurance and provide for participation in the program of co-financing) and legal entities.The conclusion of contracts for individual conditions under which prepared a personalized retirement plan, the appropriate legal criteria.

Addresses NPF Savings Bank can be found in almost any region of Russia.This pension fund - one of the most famous in the Russian Federation, its branches are represented in the country in a wide range.The main activities carried out by the APF offices of the parent company, as well as through the utilization of resources agency network.

management structure

Higher management structure of the organization - a Board of the Fund.In its competence there are strategic issues and overall management of the institution.The Foundation Board is also developing various kinds of regulations, claims management plans for pension reserves, expects profitability and other financial performance measures.

The management structure NPF Savings Bank is also present Audit Commission.It is run by control of the economic activities of the organization.Appointed by the Council of the Commission.Also, in the structure of the organization has a Board of Trustees.In his competence - organizational oversight for compliance with the law.As part of the Board of Trustees present plenipotentiaries fund clients.


In April 2014, the Fund was reorganized and received a new organizational and legal status.Now he is officially called "NPF Savings Bank".Before that, the fund had the status of "non-profit organization of social security."All rights and obligations of the APF, operating within the same form of government, pass unchanged into the organization, which was run as a joint stock company.

The authorized capital of Sberbank NPF as a company - 150 million rubles.Shares owned by the founder.That is, the Savings Bank of Russia.Corporatization of the fund, according to experts, due to the new requirements of the law.According to them, until January 1, 2016 all APF, which operate on the activity profile of mandatory pension insurance, should be transformed into joint stock companies.If the SPC is functioning, combining OPS and private provision, the fund should be formed, which is engaged in the operation of the first direction separately.In turn, pension funds, whose activities are connected with the provision of non-state, subject to the corporatization of January 1, 2019.If funds are not of the appropriate type will shape a transformation within the statutory period, they will be eliminated.


NPF Savings Bank - an organization that had time to get a lot of industry awards for its performance.Which of them can be noted in the first place?

In 2013, for example, the fund has been awarded the prestigious diploma of "Expert RA" (the one that makes the ratings of funds).Nomination - "For the development of private pension coverage."In the same year NPF Savings Bank received another award.It is called "Russian Financial Elite".Nomination sounds like "Dynamics of development."

In 2012, NPF Savings Bank was also awarded by "Expert RA".But then somehow it sounded nomination - "For the strong growth of client base of NPF."In the same year NPF won the "Financial Olympus 2011".Appropriate nomination sounded like "Retail Firm".She is awarded a special category called "The dynamics and efficiency."

In 2011, Sberbank NPF also received diplomas from the "Expert RA".Moreover, in several categories.The first - "For the strong growth of client base."The second - "For the improvement of reliability."

In 2010, as evidenced by data from a number of sources, NPF Savings Bank was the only organization in its field, which was the winner of the award "Company of the Year".Nomination sounded like "Finance".In addition, the same year the fund received the award "Finance 2010".Appropriate nomination sounded like "For the vision strategy."

In 2009, NPF has also become the only organization in its field, which was awarded the "Financial Olympus".Nomination sounded like "management strategy pension fund".In 2008, the Foundation received the award "The Count Guryev" for his great contribution to the development of the profile industry.In 2007, SPC was awarded the "Financial Olympus".Nomination sounded like "management strategy pension fund".


Well, jewels from Sberbank NPF enough.But how they correlate customer feedback?What is the nature of the predominant left by them on the branch Internet portals feedback?NPF Savings Bank - a reliable, based on the opinion of customers, the structure?Question ambiguous.But we will try to give guidance possible answer.

If we take as a basis for evaluation of NPF Savings Bank customer reviews in 2014 or previous years, we can distinguish two groups of opinions.The first - a neutral-negative.Second - positive.Regarding the first.People are impressed by the availability and quality of infrastructure services, which was created by Sberbank.You can go to any branch of the respective bank financial institution with any questions concerning the work of SPC, to solve the difficulties arise.However, as noted by some clients, the level of responsibility of specialists in some offices that quite possibly due to not fully developed mechanism of interaction of the Fund and to establish its structure, is not always high.And it is - some negative, which reflects the responses.Sberbank NPF at the same time praised for manufacturability (later we will open this nuance).There is a high quality reporting.For example, at the end of the year customers always come documents detail the fact, what is the profitability of NPF Savings Bank for a specific period.Such reviews can be referred to unambiguously positive.Also in this category there are opinions that reflect the high quality of consulting agents entering into a contract with the citizens on pension services.Although, as noted by some experts, it can be not directly related to the personnel policy of the Savings Bank.

about public opinion regarding the activities of the fund can speak not only customer reviews.NPF Sberbank is present in a number of so-called "People's rating," compiled by some industry portals.In this case, as a rule, it measured quality of service.Specific fund positions at the same time is very varied in the different versions of the ratings.

electronic format

Actually now an aspect that reflects a modern infrastructure.We have noted that the work of Sberbank NPF sufficiently technologized - and this is especially noted clients.Mostly it comes to online channels of interaction and fund investors.Have each client Sberbank NPF "My account", which can be accessed through a browser.In addition, to apply for registration in the NPF new clients can also via the website of the organization.Suffice it to scan photo, passport, SNILS, and then upload them via online form.According to some experts, advanced technologies that are embedded in the NPF Savings Bank ("My account" in the first place), eventually become an industry standard, and will be actively involved also other funds.


Now the actual income.How profitable to give a pension under the management of Sberbank NPF?2014 promises to be profitable on the basis of the economic situation?

First of all, experts say - benefit from interaction with non-state pension funds depends largely on the specific agreements concluded between them and the citizens.The most lucrative contracts recognized the so-called individual plans.The fact that they are adapted to the actual for Russia nuance - wages "in envelopes".In addition, this kind of agreement are good citizens with a salary exceeding 47 thousand. Rubles (as it is - the ultimate base for calculating pension contributions).

Now to specifics.What are the rates of return for the NPF Savings Bank in 2013?Figures released by the organization - 6.74%.It is frustrating, of course, may seem modest.However, it is higher than inflation, which in 2013 was 6.5%.And it is - one of the main criteria for interaction with the NPF, experts say.Objectively speaking, to earn large sums of money to depositors of NPF problematic.The most important thing - to protect pensions against inflation.And if APF to deal with it, the results of its operations, in principle, can be evaluated as positive.So analysts said.Well, we cope with inflation, if you look the results of 2013, the establishment of such an influential structure as Sberbank NPF.Reviews indicate that the figures generally satisfied citizens.Although, as noted by the NPF contributors, have the funds, where returns were higher.

However, it makes sense to examine the performance, not only for a single year, but also for several years.It is estimated, for example, that from 2009 to the first quarter of 2013. The yield of APF Sberbank amounted to about 70%.And it's a lot, about 31% higher than the cumulative inflation rate for the period.Meanwhile, according to some industry ratings, the average annual yield of APF Sberbank - 7.86%.


they view the experts forecasts the yield of the fund?What are the chances that industry portals will prevail positive addressed NPF Savings Bank customer reviews?2014 - a difficult time for Russia in economic and political terms.How will the sanctions fall in oil prices and the ruble yields on private pension funds?

Experts believe that the decisive factor here - the government of Russia.Most likely, analysts say, the authorities will have to thoroughly work on the modernization of the overall strategy of economic development of the country.If the government is able to withstand the challenges dictated by the external environment, then there is every chance that nakopoleniya citizens NPF will grow sufficiently rapidly.

Aspects ratings and financial performance

now about ratings and financial performance.Needless to essentially pay attention to them?The extent to which they are correlated with customer feedback?NPF Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, as it is known, is measured at the higher scale of the level of "Expert RA".According to a recent forecast of the organization, the reliability of the fund will be stable.There are other ratings are, in particular, take into account such factors as the number of clients, profitability, and involve a number of analytical tools from economics - such as, for example, "Sharpe ratio".According to him the fund also takes a prominent position.

There is evidence that NPF Sberbank showed the highest growth dynamics among companies in its segment in the first half of 2013.In terms of savings fund came at the end of 2013th in the top three.It is known that the company is present in the top 10 organizations for their profile on such criteria as the number of clients that are decorated contract mandatory pension insurance, as well as NGOs.

average value of customer deposits in Sberbank NPF - about 56 thousand. Rub.This figure - one of the highest among the leading funds.In particular, it is about 1.3 times greater than the market average.At the end of 2013 NPF Savings Bank held a market share of 6.65%.The amount of savings - more than 72 billion rubles.